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  1. WTS Home office desk, credenza with hutch

    Bump TTT.
  2. WTS Home office desk, credenza with hutch

    Price drop to $300
  3. WTS Home office desk, credenza with hutch

    Drop to $320
  4. WTS Home office desk, credenza with hutch

    Bump and price drop to $340
  5. WTS Home office desk, credenza with hutch

    Large, dark walnut credenza and hutch made by Aspenhome. Asking $320. Excellent condition and extremely well-made, solid and heavy. Bought at Jordan's in Avon approximately 8 years ago. Our model (I43 Bayside) isn't currently listed on the Aspenhome website, but this link (Aspenhome - Furniture...
  6. WTS Spectrum 41" acoustic guitar with stand

    Bump and price drop to $65
  7. WTS Spectrum 41" acoustic guitar with stand

    Just in time for your holiday shopping, I'm selling my very lightly used 41" black cutaway Spectrum acoustic guitar. Spruce top, Rosewood fingerboard. Bought this about 4 years ago, but it's been collecting dust in the corner of our den for some time, so needs to find a home with someone who...
  8. The 2/8/2013 Rally At the State House Thread

    I'm up for a rally every month if that's what it takes to win.
  9. Rossi Lever Action .357 Awesomness

    That is awesome Chris. A lever gun in .357 or .44 is definitely my next purchase. Leaning toward the Rossi in .357 to keep it simple for the eventual carbine/revolver combo. A full house .357 out of a 16"+ barrel is going to be more than enough for anything on the receiving end out to 125-150 yards.
  10. Anyone Been to Somerville PD Lately? // LTC-A

    Got mine 4 years ago and was told by the issuing officer that he "does not give unrestricted licenses to first-time applicants". I assume (perhaps incorrectly ) that I can get unrestricted when I renew in two years.
  11. Which Massachusetts towns have the most LTC Class A's ?

    Right. Think I meant to say Somerville has almost 1 LTC holder for every 100m x 100m square, not every "100 square meters" (just 10m x 10m). either way, my neighbors are slacking and need to get crackin on that paperwork...
  12. Which Massachusetts towns have the most LTC Class A's ?

    My moonbat neighbors here in Somerville are going to love this... Did some calculations and discovered that... despite having a very low per capita rate of LTC holders, because our population density is so high (approx 75,000 in 4 sq. miles - highest in the state and one of the 20 most...
  13. Anyone read "Emergency" by Neil Strauss

    currently reading Neil's book myself, about 50 pages left. got if for Christmas along with J.W.Rawles' "How to Survive TEOTWAKI". "Emergency" was good, definitely the more entertaining of the two, although I thought Rawles' book was a little more useful for a beginner like myself even though...
  14. Should have a Ruger Single Six by the end of this week!!!!

    I bought the blued 6.5" model at the Shriner's Auditorium show this past spring. Love it, may be my favorite gun. It's handsome, feels great in my hand and is very accurate. Other than my M&P 40, I probably put more rounds through the Single Six than anything else. I can't visit my club...
  15. Harper's Ferry in Allston security?

    Yeah, I recall my last time at Fenway the security was checking folks with the hand-held wand, but only around the belt and upper body and all I could think was "haven't these guys ever heard of an ankle holster?".
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