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  1. Katz Deli NYC
  2. Trapping Crayfish
  3. What have you seen lately?

    An odd cloud at the town beach..
  4. Anyone else just lose the site?

    All good here for the last 10-15
  5. Better Be Planting This Year. 2022

    Garden is coming along. shallots, onions, tomatoes, red potatoes, green beans, summer and zucchini squash, broccoli and sunflowers 🌻
  6. Any Cerakote places in Central MA?

    That vault was a very good display setting. Bought a gun there first visit.
  7. Police helicopters collide over Berlin

    There are many kinds and species of hoooligans
  8. Black Helicopters over Narragansett no markings not on FlightAware

    Two directly overhead in Sterling this afternoon. No symptoms yet ssssssss….
  9. Friend tried to create NES account, got “rejected” message

    Is her name Maura? Instant rejection. Nancy too.
  10. What have you seen lately?

    BYB. back yard bunny
  11. Better Be Planting This Year. 2022

    Getting ready to plant.
  12. Better Be Planting This Year. 2022

    My dad worked there for a time repairing fences and also during the fire at Croyden mountain
  13. What Ammo Runs in a S&W 22 Victory

  14. Let’s see those stupid signs

    This sign is posted on a hiking trail.
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