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  1. SHTF in Tijuana, Mexicali, and Tecate.

    Actually, a buddy of mine uses a dispensary now. LOL He said the QUALITY is so much higher (NPI) that he can buy less and be just as happy. Plus he only buys on sale. He's also figured out that if he buys pieces or something (you can tell I'm a huge druggie, right? LOL) instead of a whole...
  2. Supreme Court - NYSRPA v. Bruen - Megathread

    No. It isn't. It's completely depressing from start to finish. So bleak. I mean, I'd watch The Road to cheer myself up after watching the original Mad Max. Then the quasi-homosexual undertones are just strange. I don't think that was intended. I think that Australia just has different...
  3. Bullerproofzone MICH Helmet

    Be sure your pretend GF/partner is assembling the NEF Hand-rifle in 300 Winmag (or was it Lapua?) while you are taking shots on your duct-taped plate. ;) And as far as stickers, I'm Team Charlize for sure. Even after all those years and gaining all that weight for Monster, she is still very...
  4. Linear Compensator - Great or Gadget?

    I'm a doctor, Jim, not a geologist! [rofl]
  5. Linear Compensator - Great or Gadget?

    It just looks painful. Very very painful.
  6. Tornado Knot

    that was my thought. I can't imagine it's got great strength. But maybe it does as the stress isn't on the knot itself. It's a loop through and a bunch of half-hitches. Strange. Sunline claims...
  7. 2022 Fishing Thread

    So Saturday night was a once-in-5-year event. 1. It was summer 2. It was near the full moon 3. It was clear 4. It was calm 5. My SIL was NOT still in the Air Force. So about 3am we went fishing. Damn it was cold. I actually wasn't cold until we quit around 5:30 just before dawn. At...
  8. What have you seen lately?

    I was out getting the Shhhhmoker ready for some chickums yesterday around noon. One of our local Osprey decided the bluegill just off shore at the house was a much needed mid-day snack. I didn't see the drop. I just heard the commotion and saw him/her flying away with lunchicums. Had to be...
  9. ATF Proposed Rule Change for Frames and Receivers

    They're F'd. I've sent reasonable amounts of $ to FPC this year. I'll have to check. But the one this week that Braden went over where they said, "No, we don't have a problem with 80% as long as you don't include the jig and drill bits." LOL. I wouldn't mind, but hte Freaking GCA68 was...
  10. Bullerproofzone MICH Helmet

    I concur! Brings "shoulder mounted weapon" to a new level.
  11. SHTF in Tijuana, Mexicali, and Tecate.

  12. Supreme Court - NYSRPA v. Bruen - Megathread

    I think 99% of them could be 2 minutes. But you need to make it at least 6 and preferably 13 or so to get monetized correctly. The longer your video, the more $ you can make. As an aside, it seems like from my observations on various different YT channels that all-in, you earn about 50c per...
  13. Bullerproofzone MICH Helmet

    The music is really loud and screechy and the chicks, despite all of their come-hither looks never want you to go thither. Oh, and they might be all dudes.
  14. Six Flags Great America shooting: 3 injured in parking lot of Illinois amusement park

    Yeah. I was thinking, "6F is not family friendly anymore. Hasn't been in at least 20 years." Strangest day I've ever had was a Thursday we hit the Marshfield Fair. The # of 12yo prostitutes wandering around was staggering. Not sure if Marshfield Middle teaches prostitution or if they were...
  15. Linear Compensator - Great or Gadget?

    This guy could use one for sure. DAMN!
  16. ‘Everybody Is Armed’: As Shootings Soar, Philadelphia is Awash in Guns

    Everybodywuz. . . . Gun Shoot Fighting!!!! Everybodywuz. . . . Blastin Lightning!
  17. The Disillusionment of the Deplorables

    If I had the sort of power to not let the other guy in power, how did the other guy get into power in hte first place? Was it a case of temporary incompetence?

    Waynesville. Waynesville. Party time. Excellennntt!!!!!! TRRRTRRRTRRR!!!!!!
  19. complete lower

    Unless you're bored. You didn't save anything, but you wasted 3.5 hours. It's like going to the movies but without the $15 cost of a ticket. LOL
  20. Deals and steals

    [rofl] I mean, I guess in some situations, I could see it. But damn. That stilll looks like a solution looking for problems. That and I hate regular-thickness kydex. I also looked at the Pro. I hate those wings on holsters to "pull them into the body." Although that was 30# ago. I...
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