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  1. Governor: 2 police officers die after Hawaii shooting Unpossible. They have strict gunz control on Hawaii. Must be fayk nooz. [hmmm]
  2. Columbine @20

    Two weeks from today will be the twentieth anniversary of a certain incident at a Colorado high school that in a sane world would have put to rest the myth of SROs as an effective means of defense.
  3. CTDonk Hayes proposes bill that would pre-empt the arming of teachers

    Hayes proposes bill that would pre-empt the arming of teachers You may remember this Hayes: she's the one who ran campaign ads pitching that she was uniquely qualified as a candidate cuz she got knocked up as a teenager. [thinking] Anyway, my comment in the Peanut Gallery should be easy to...
  4. Customer shoots, kills armed robber at Prospect auto dealer

    Customer shoots, kills armed robber at Prospect auto dealer
  5. Rep-Am: "Homemade Guns" Poll

    "Should the state legislature pass a law to regulate homemade guns made from parts available for sale?" Republican-American - halfway down on the right. Presently we're losing badly:
  6. Poll: Do You Support Rolling Back Sandy Hook Laws?

    Republican-American About halfway down, on the right. Presently:
  7. WFSB (CT Channel 3) Poll: Should teachers be armed in classrooms?

    Should teachers be armed in classrooms?
  8. ProteCT Public Lands (Connecticut)

    Come November 6, on the ballot in Connecticut will be a referendum question for an amendment to the state constitution: it would require that before any state land could be conveyed (sold, traded, ...) to a non-state entity, a hearing must be held, and, in the case of land under the control of...
  9. Wildey??

    The old man had Death Wish 3 on the tube, and I happened to walk in just as Bronson was receiving his Wildey, and that reminded me... I haven't seen Wil Moore in years. Last time, in fact, he and I were manning a LPCT outreach booth at the Bethlehem Fair, principally in support of George...
  10. At Least 1,000 At Southbury Gun Debate
  11. Fairfield, CT Schools on Lockdown/Early Dismissal over Threats [thinking]
  12. Rep-Am Poll re: CT Open Carry and Showing Permits to Police

    About a third of the way down, on the right: Should handgun owners be required to show police their permits when openly carrying their pistols in public? Yes, if the police request it No, that violates their 2nd Amendment rights I don't know, but how else can a cop...
  13. Video: A takedown for Law Enforcement to prevent another Eric Garner situation
  14. Weird errors and double-posts

    Just posted something over at the PA liquor nonsense thread: and ended up double-posted. Tried to edit, and got: The message you have entered is too...
  15. Poll: Do restraining orders help protect victims of domestic violence?

    About halfway down, on the right: Also, see the followup to the shooting story: Sadly, the money is behind the paywall (and almost at the very end of the article):
  16. Double Shooting This Morning: Oxford, CT

    This happened a couple miles away from where I'm sitting: Domestic. Appears to be (yet another) case of protective order worth somewhat less than the paper it's printed on.
  17. CT GOP candidate Boughton quits MAIG
  18. Man shoots dog; Police: You should've let us do it [thinking]
  19. And AGAIN the cops called on the old man...

    Stepdad just came out of the woods. It appears that YET AGAIN someone called the cops on the guy - head to toe in blaze - in the woods (he has written permission to hunt) with a gun. Resident State Trooper showed up, as he's required to do, and shook his head, and said, "It's HUNTING season...
  20. CCDL re: The Right To Carry in State Forests and Parks

    Not sure how I missed this when it was first posted, but: Don't know if it will do any good or not, but I did use the Malloy Supplication (a.k.a. Regulations Feedback) Form to respond. It has always irked me that I cannot carry legally in state...
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