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  1. EVERY SHOOTER Should Get a C&R FFL!

    Thanks Len That's what I thought, I couldn't find anything on the new License that said to give a copy, I just wanted to make sure...
  2. EVERY SHOOTER Should Get a C&R FFL!

    I know we have to supply a copy of the Application for our renewal to the Chief of Police... But I can't remember if we have to give the Chief a copy of the new license... Does anyone remember if we have to give the Chief a copy of our new license??? Thank You .
  3. EVERY SHOOTER Should Get a C&R FFL!

    I've put a "mental note" in my head to look at this thread when I get my renewal form in the mail to make sure I fill it out correctly ;) :p :cool:... .
  4. Florida carry permit

    ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGG Florida just sent me a new Fingerprint card to redo, they said mine that I sent "wasn't readable enough to pass a complete back ground check"... Both the Cheif and I looked at the card after I did it and said it looked fine, this is stupid!!! .
  5. Florida carry permit

    I thought it was 4 checks, I couldn't remember that when I was answering before so I didn't want to say a number... I bought my own Finger Print Cards, Finger Print Pad and a few other things to do prints... I think my PD (very small town and I know them all) will just sign the cards for me if...
  6. Florida carry permit

    I keep ordering the CT Forms but I haven't done it yet... I just got another Package from CT to do it at the same time as my Florida renewal... I go to CT enough with my Hotrod and I'm sick of pulling my holster and stuff off each day before I head down to one of the shows... I might as well do...
  7. Florida carry permit

    Funny thing about this Thread is I just got my renewal in the mail... Now I just have to get my Local PD to sign the Finger Print Card, make out a check and then send it back... .
  8. Florida carry permit

    Yup your right, I wasn't thinking that way... I was thinking of the person that wanted to get a MA LTC or Florida LTC... If your going for a MA LTC or a Florida LTC why not go through the 6 Plus State Class and get covered for almost all of the Country was my thinking... .
  9. Florida carry permit

    That's why I recommended Rob, you get a 6 Plus State Course with Live Fire that covers you for any Permit... .
  10. Florida carry permit

    Get ahold of Rob, he does a Multi State Course... He will even come to your club if you have enough people for a class... I used him before for classes that I set up for a club I use to belong to, he does a Gr8 job... If I remember correctly he's the person that helped MA set up their...
  11. EVERY SHOOTER Should Get a C&R FFL!

    You can look through here: Or just call the ATF and ask them to email you the form or ask were it is on there website... Good Luck ...
  12. EVERY SHOOTER Should Get a C&R FFL!

    Thanks... I was just wondering why they wanted that info... I guess if someone put down something like 100 guns they would be getting a visit... That's what I was thinking when I saw the question. ..
  13. EVERY SHOOTER Should Get a C&R FFL!

    When I did my renewal with the paperwork they sent me one of the questions was "How many C&R Guns have you bought"... Has anyone else gotten that question on your paperwork??? I'm wondering if they were fishing about the guns I own or is that a regular question they ask???
  14. EVERY SHOOTER Should Get a C&R FFL!

    OK Thanks, I don't remember seeing that... I'll relook at my before paperwork and the paperwork I just got and I'll post what it is... Thanks Again EDIT: Yup it's right on the form that you have to check off a box saying that you are giving the Chief a copy of the form, Thanks Leo...
  15. EVERY SHOOTER Should Get a C&R FFL!

    Len do we have to give them a copy of the new papers or just let the Chief know that we renewed the FFL??? Thanks David
  16. EVERY SHOOTER Should Get a C&R FFL!

    I renewed mine this year, my 1st renewal since I got the C&R... I found a interesting question, they asked me to list how many guns I had bought up to the renewal date... They just wanted the number of guns, not any info on the guns, just how many I bought... Has anyone else got that question???
  17. EVERY SHOOTER Should Get a C&R FFL!

    Thanks Len I guess I'll have to wait till I get the forms... I just hate waiting on them to send the forms out... I like to get my paperwork/forms in "real" early to avoid any mess up's or getting to close to the "end date" of a permit/license... If I remember off the top of my head it's...
  18. EVERY SHOOTER Should Get a C&R FFL!

    Thanks Len I was hoping to do it early, I like doing that, I guess I'll just have to wait... Do they send you everything you need to fill out??? It sounds like it by your answer... Thanks
  19. EVERY SHOOTER Should Get a C&R FFL!

    . Thanks for Updating this Steven... I tried to use the links and all I got was a spinning circle forever, I'll try again latter today... My question 1. (if anyone knows please chime in), is I'm coming up on my 1st renewal, do they send you out a renewal form or is it up to you to find the...
  20. EVERY SHOOTER Should Get a C&R FFL!

    For the cost of the C&R I would just get one for both of you... Less hassle if you ever split up also... .
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