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  1. Vp9 experiences

    Been a long time since I've last posted. Looking into getting myself a VP9 for daily carry and was hoping to hear of others experiences, how they carry and their favorite holster. Warmest regards, JM
  2. Alliant R-1200

    Has anyone started playing with the new R-1200? Just picked some up a lil bit ago and am having trouble finding more recipes for it, they only list a couple on the site. It is primarily for .223 use, or so it says on the bottle [laugh] any advice is helpful.
  3. flip up sights

    Alright boys, best flip up rear sights for the money for the an ar15.....GO!
  4. Shout out to AWS

    Big shout out to AWS. I got ahold of Ty and Elise and they took great care of me, got great service, good prices and they were nice as could be! Ordered an Aimpoint PRO and a trigger set up for my AR, and finally my AR will be DONE!!!! once again, thanks a million guys! Doing business with...
  5. Another company with balls

    York Arms - NY deliveries
  6. did you get your love the best Valentines gift of all?

    Because I sure did. Got this for my fiancee yesterday:
  7. your feelings on the Savage 10-FP SR?

    just what the title says, im going to sell all my 243 stuff and go to 308 and am very interested in the model 10FP. Dom
  8. Howa talon

    Does anyone own or have used a Howa talon? I am heavily considering one and was curious as to personal experiances on the board. Dom
  9. upgrading rifles

    little back story, a while ago I purchased a Savage axis in 243 (the package rifle in camo) and it has worked pretty well! it shoots 1" @100 with its favorite load of 70-80 grain Remington factory ammo if I do my part. Now comes tax time and I will have a little bit more money to throw around...
  10. plate carrier for a lady

    As the title says, im searching for a easy to use carrier for my lady. does not have to be tacticool or the best of the best, as i dont aim for her to be in harms way but to stay home to hold the fort down with my family. so a carrier with front and rear plate areas is what im looking for for...
  11. thoughts on an SP101

    My fiancee (greatest woman ever) asked me for a revolver of her very own yesterday. she says "i dont want a 38/357, its just too normal...and i dont like shooting 357 and the 38's seem like they are missing something" My suggestion was a Ruger SP101 in .327 federal magnum, what do you think...
  12. H&K USC

    ive been looking at one of these everytime i go into my LGS for the past year or so...they look to be of excellent quality and a good friend of mine swears by Heckler and Koch products. What do you think of them? have ya shot one? own one? help me decide if i want one or not [smile] Dom
  13. building a savage rifle

    I have in my collection a Savage model 110 chambered in 300 win mag. Im looking to install a bull barrel, muzzle brake, and an adjustable stock for the primary build. Glass is later on down the road, im looking into some Sworovski stuff for it. Help me with some ideas guys on barrel length...
  14. first time carrying revolvers

    So for a while now I've had a 686 smith with a 4" barrel, and im looking to carry it! Im looking for a good shoulder holster and possibly one that has a spot to hold speed loaders. Aside from that I would like to know how to carry it correctly. The newer guns have transfer bar safety's, is it...
  15. Lawless

    anyone check out the film Lawless? Tale about the Bondurant brothers running shine in virginia, looks pretty neat! wanted to know if it was a waste of time. let me know movie goers! Dom
  16. Steel targets from a NES member!

    Im always looking for new toys, and they may not even be guns! But they are typically gun related in any case... I recently purchased some swinging steel targets from a member on our board [cerberus]. I saw his ad for some 22 targets in the classifieds and figured i would inquire. Lo and behold...
  17. piston kits

    If one was interested in a piston conversion kit for a AR, which would you use? and why! What is the advantage of the piston drive verses the DI set up? I am relatively new to AR's and am trying to weigh my options for goodies. Im a function over form kind of guy. Dom
  18. first 10 22 build

    So i recently purchased a brand new dead stock ruger 10-22 carbine and want to do a classy build. Ive been considering an Octagonal Barrel from Whistle Pig, and they also have a nice Walnut stock on their site. The trigger is atrocious, and i would like to equip it with open sights as well as...
  19. Wanna go green?

    Hey guys, As some may or may not know I am a huge fan of the site and am all about giving back to the people. In this thread are TWO memberships up for grabs for NES, paid for by yours truly at the end of this. The conditions are as such: 1. must have at least 100 posts (and not be...
  20. your favorite steel 9, with details

    Gents, I've owned a few 9mm pistols all of which i enjoyed imensely...but I've never fallen head over heels for any of them. I have owned and sold my: ruger sr9 fullsize, gen 3 G17 and 19, gen 4 g26, and various walthers. I recently sold my last 9mm (the sr) to fund a toy which i recouped...
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