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  1. Places you can't carry in MA

    So the gaming establishment means the building I suppose as opposed to the gaming floor. In Springfield, you can you can enter the building to go see a movie and never set foot on the gaming floor.
  2. which 10mm competition grade handgun to choose

    I would love a sig 320 xcarry in 10mm.
  3. WTS Sig P226 Legion in 9mm. DA/SA new condition

    Location : Springfield Ma area Description : P226 Sig Legion in 9mm with a few rounds through the pistol. Just too big to carry compared to P229 Legion. Comes with 3-10 rd mags, and 7-preban Eagle 15rd mags ( though 5 are in the photo). Comes with Legion case and coin as well. 20 rounds...
  4. WTS Please delete

    Please delete
  5. I Had to do it!!!....Best Pizza

    Sally Appizaria in New Haven Casa Pizzaria in Ludlow Frank Pepes Any location
  6. Supreme Court - NYSRPA v. Bruen - Megathread

    I think an interesting statistic if available would be how many gun charges got dropped for criminals rather than brought to tiral. I bet the charges dropped is astonishing high.
  7. Contact with Law Enforcement while concealed carrying question?

    yeah, I don’t know. It was around 7pm on a Friday night. I am not sure why they were still on the job never mind both eating pizza. Then again, it was Ludlow and there is a decent size prison there.
  8. Supreme Court - NYSRPA v. Bruen - Megathread

    while that seems to be the case on the face of it, does MA out of state permit requirements pass the smell test under the 14th A or equal protection under the law. Couldnt a lawyer state that just because their client lives out of state they should not have to jump through different hoops to get...
  9. Contact with Law Enforcement while concealed carrying question?

    I printed in a pizza shop in Ludlow and a deputy sheriff ask what I was carrying. I told him a Sig 229 Legion. That was it. no request to see a permit or anything. Honestly, I was more shocked to see a deputy sheriff around in unifor. There are not many around that I ever see. Perhaps a...
  10. Gun "Buybacks"

    Have we gotten to the point where they are giving away $500 for a 9mm? wake me when tha happens as I am going to cash in my 401k, buy as many pallets of hi-points as I can get (hoping for volume discount of $100/unit at qty over 1000, and then sell them to the state For $500 a pop. When they...
  11. Disappointed ... 1st Bad deal in Classified

    this. The words “I’ll take it“ means SPF as long as no goose rules in the sellers add. If I see Goose Rules apply, I never finish or try to buy as I am Wmass as well. Just not worth the trouble.
  12. Off-duty Texas deputy fatally shot after confronting suspects in grocery store parking lot - Possibly over catalytic converter

    f***ing awesome. Hope hope it hurt like hell before he died. f***ing scumbag
  13. Our Son Passed Away On Friday

    damn. My condolences bullseye.
  14. LAPD Offers 'Gift Cards' For Ghost Guns In New Buyback Event

    Bring in chunks of aluminum and say they are 0% lowers and you want $200 for them.
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