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  1. Shots Fired at Airport…in Australia!

    I thought that they didn’t have this issue since all but outlawing gun ownership? More lies
  2. my new military assault rifle; best way to remove cosmoline ?

    Boiling water for the metal parts. Don’t forget to oil heavily after they cool. Leave the stock out in the Sun on a warm day, cosmoline will come to the surface, wipe down every hour, flip over and repeat
  3. AWB 2022 debate

    Any word on whether or not this piece of shit is going to a vote this week?
  4. House passes 2022 assault weapons ban

    And there is an excellent reason for the Dems to push this pile of crap. If RINOS cave and this passes the Repubs can kiss the Senate goodbye b/c many like you will be so disgusted that they may sit out the midterms
  5. House passes 2022 assault weapons ban

    This. Call and write your Senators (even if in MA) and be vigilant. Don’t trust the RINOS to hold the line
  6. AWB 2022 debate

    Not taking any chances. Calling and emailing both Senators urging them to vote against cloture
  7. AWB 2022 debate

    I would NOT depend upon SCOTUS to save us here.
  8. AWB 2022 debate

    Never mind. Found it here
  9. AWB 2022 debate

    Is the text of this crap anywhere?
  10. Rochester NY Cop Killed Soon After City Declared State Of Emergency For Gun Crime

    Just another big dump city that has been made this way by the leftists. They simply destroy everything they touch
  11. AWB 2022 debate

    I won’t be shocked if it passes the House. The Senate will be more difficult. The Dems don’t care at all about the mid-terms when it comes to pushing their agenda. They either plan to lose by historic margins and have worked that into their calculus or they plan to cheat by historic...
  12. AWB 2022 debate

    Voted through committee. Now would go to full House vote if Pelosi pushes it.
  13. Assault Weapons Ban Of 2021

    They were supposed to vote on it in the senate but then the LV mass shooting happened, right on time, and it was never voted on.
  14. Assault Weapons Ban Of 2021

    I didn’t think national red flags laws would pass, either, yet here we are. The Dems have nothing to lose. Short of massive cheating again, they are going to get beat badly in November. The writing is on the wall there. Why WOULDN’T they go all in?
  15. Ban on all semi auto rifles on deck

    If the RINOs allow this to pass they can kiss any hope of a majority goodbye. I believe this to be the reason for the generic ballot numbers tightening lately.
  16. Illegal Aliens Plotted July 4th Mass Shooting, Thwarted by American ‘Hero Citizen’

    Of course they will make this story disappear! It blows up so many of the leftists false narratives, I wouldn’t even know where to start
  17. 21 killed, 18 injured in shooting at elementary school in Uvalde, Texas

    I am not defending the inaction here by any stretch, but one would be hard pressed to convince me that all of this BLM shit over the past few years didn’t have an effect on on this officer’s decision to get permission. Cost 20 lives and immeasurable amount of grief
  18. Best Gun Laws in The Nation

    Always someone else’s fault. Blame-o-carts. Standard fare for them. How bout owning stuff happening in your city (for once)?
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