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  1. VZ 58s back in stock at Atlantic Firearms

    Do it! Type in discount code “PICTON” for 5% off.
  2. VZ 58s back in stock at Atlantic Firearms

    Aren’t you the guy with a $5k X95? Weird.
  3. AK47's - Who makes the best one and why?

    Yes, 1) American made AKs 2) American made AKs 3) American made AKs 4) American made AKs 5) Century (except WASR)
  4. Glock 22 vs 17 recoil difference?

    Shocking. No, not hat someone is actually considering a $400 police trade-in fortay, but that no one has called this guy a skinflint yet.
  5. SCAR. Why?

    9 out of 10 boomers agree. Along with everyone that’s never taken a rifle class.
  6. SCAR. Why?

  7. Mass AK thread.

    Those days are over. You got a great deal, but you know that...
  8. Mass AK thread.

    Is it fixed stock Kassnar? Deal. Where do you want to do the transfer?
  9. Mass AK thread.

    I would never soil my AK collection with an 84s, but for those interested may be worth calling for price:
  10. Mass AK thread.

    $2700 for a .223 Norinco underfolder?! You guys have a very different definition of “not a terrible price” than I do! You can buy a VZ-58 for much less, and it’s 10x the rifle, has a military heritage, and mags are actually obtainable, unlike the 84s. But if you must have a 223 AK, here is a...
  11. Mass AK thread.

    Are we voting? @Picton
  12. Mass AK thread.

    A 5.45 Norinco?
  13. Wasr 10 missing chuck of metal

    So basically you took the advice you wanted to hear.
  14. Wasr 10 missing chuck of metal

    World record length discussion on whether or not to replace a f***ed up $75 part.
  15. Ar build

    I’m calling bs. There’s no way this dude spelled every single word wrong in this thread except “grammar”.
  16. Wasr 10 missing chuck of metal

    Romanian parts are easy to come by. In an ideal world, you’d source a Romanian trunnion and bring it to a gunsmith familiar with AKs to repair; then the seller, while not obligated to, would offer to split the cost of the repair. Or you could sink another couple of thousand dollars into your...
  17. Steyr import maadi value

    I believe all Intrac and Pars ARM/RPM Maadis were imported before [correction: Possibly some came in 1995] But here ya go: View: Incidentally, I think @Behind Enemy Lines is right about value, but given condition I think $1500-$1700.
  18. Steyr import maadi value

    If it’s a PARS or Intrac import I got dibs!
  19. Any Norinco AK experience?

    I’m more upset at the Romanian side folder 😂
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