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  1. M855 ammo

    The problem is almost always the shooter, not the rifle.
  2. M855 ammo

  3. M855 ammo

    I think he said he was holding 1 MOA with irons while prone. I can occasionally manage 1 MOA with irons at 100 yds with perfect conditions, but I can barely see a target at 400 yds, nevermind get 4” groups. Fish stories aside, his larger point is correct: people do depend on do-dads and...
  4. M855 ammo

    You’re “blind as a bat” and shoot 1 MOA at 400 yds with irons prone?
  5. M855 ammo

    If I get 6” groups at 200 yds with no magnification I’m giving myself a high five.
  6. 7.62x39 ammo, just for the hell of it...

    Sometimes I think Tula criticism is more internet lore than reality. I’ve put thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of Tula rounds through various AKs without issue. I’m not a good enough shot to see any grouping size difference at 100m. My preference is Golden Tiger, if nothing else because I...
  7. Source of 50 cal ammo cans?
  8. Source of 50 cal ammo cans?

    A .50 calibre can holds about 1200 rounds of 556; about $1,000 in ammo. Are Chinese knock-offs really a good way to save $10?
  9. Target Sports locusts (myself included)

    I thought you were saying you’re right twice a day.
  10. 9 mm available on TSU, at least for a few minutes

    We really don’t need another thread to let the psychos know that 0.60 cpr 9mm is “available”.
  11. Before you stock in the next 10,000 rounds of ammo, maybe you should stop and think.

    Not sure if serious, but there must be a wild story involving skinflints, rubberlippers, and pant-shitters!
  12. Before you stock in the next 10,000 rounds of ammo, maybe you should stop and think.

    Some of you guys are missing some awesome parody.
  13. 3 malfuntions first day witha new gun?

    Are you certain it has all factory components? A modern pistol should be able to shoot any factory brass ammo reliably. Anything less is unacceptable, especially for a carry weapon.
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