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  1. H5163 signed by Baker

    Now that Baker signed H5163 when does it take effect?
  2. WTT LPP for SPP

    1000 CCI LPP #300 for 1000 CCI SPP #500 Trades only not interested in selling don't waste your time asking. Can meet up in Littleton, Billerica
  3. WTB #11 percussion caps

    Looking to pick up some #11 percussion caps. If you have some sitting doing nothing I plan on shooting this spring. thanks
  4. Doctor who is gun guy recommendations.

    So I have been thinking about finding a new doctor anyway but now with the BS the state is trying to pull having the Doctor's mining for gun info, I'm trying to avoid an anti-gun doctor. Does anyone have a gun friendly Doc they can recommend in the Billerica, Wilmington Burlington area...
  5. NRA Life Membership sale

    The NRA is having a sale until the end of the year on life membership $600 If interested sign up here. Official NRA Membership Application
  6. NRA dues increase Aug 1

    The NRA is raising dues August 1. If you want to re-new or join at a discount to today's prices follow my link Official NRA Membership Application
  7. NRA life $600

    NRA has life membership on sale for $600. IM me for link to get that price.
  8. Tumble rifle brass after resizing to remove lube?

    I've been reloading straight wall pistol cases for several years, going to start reloading 30.06 for the M1 Garand. What's the consensus on tumbling to remove case lube after resizing? Seems to me if I tumble to get lube off I would want to deprime after tumbling using universal depriming die...
  9. First Appleseed in the books.

    A big shout out to the Appleseed instructors and Mansfield Fish & Game for hosting the weekend of instruction and heritage. My muscles ache, and the two days wore out this old guy, but I learned a ton and with practice and applying the lessons learned, I will be back in the fall and earn my...
  10. First M1 Garand tomorrow

    My M1 shipped today and will be in my hands tomorrow! Been reading up, looking at you tube etc etc. If I looked up the serial number correctly looks like a SA Sept. 1944. This rifle will be a shooter and I will never sell it, that being said I have plenty of gun cleaning equipment, and I...
  11. M1 Garand sling question

    I am waiting on my first Garand to be shipped from CMP. What is the best place to order a GI web sling and enbloc clips? Thank for your help.
  12. Eye doctor recommendation Idoktr

    Just wanted to pass on a recommendation for a great eye doctor that is a member here, Idoktr. Had my appointment to tweak my contact RX as my red dot had become fuzzy. Stewart was very easy to talk with and understood exactly what my issue was since he is a shooter. Great exam and my dot is...
  13. Ponds with shore access, no boat.

    I used to take my son fishing out in Western MA, now that he has moved to Florida I'm looking for some ponds that has shore access so I can do some pan fishing. I'm in Billerica and looking for something close to there. I know about Nutting Lake but really don't like parking the truck on...
  14. Marking brass to tell it's yours?

    I am planning on trying some USPSA matches this year and was wondering what is the best method to mark your brass so you can ID it as yours so you don't pick up other folks brass? Thanks for the help.
  15. Harvard Steel Challange Practice

    I see on Harvard's Sportmans Club calander they have a steel challange pratice this Sunday. Is this open to non-members like the Wednesday night practice? I like to give steel a try with my Mark III. I have 4 magazines would I need 6? Thanks for your help.
  16. Is a digital scale a good choice to check balance scale

    I pretty new to reloading have a question about scales. I'm using the Lee Safety Scale which I find to be consistent when checking the throws out of the powder measure. But I find it difficult to read the grain poise. Would a digital scale be a good second scale or should I get a different...
  17. We really need more firearms laws!!!!! Not!!!! My first delay.

    Just got delayed on a FFL transfer to another FFL on a rifle. Let see I hold CCW permits from 3 states, FFL C&R, NRA and MA State Police Certified instructor. Doesn't everyone feel safer knowing the Fed's are on the job.[rolleyes]
  18. First CMP Garand

    I am getting ready to pull the trigger on my first CMP M1 Garand purchase. I am planning on ordering a service grade. Currently there are two choices Springfield or H&R. Being a newbie I don't know which I should go with and would benefit from input from anyone with experience with either...
  19. Best answer to FAQ

    Found this and just had a good laugh. What if I thought I was ordering cartridges instead of bullets and was surprised to find that the bullets I ordered are bullets and not ammunition? It is possible that you are an idiot who 1.) Doesn't pay very close attention to detail when he orders...
  20. Work by Greg Derr

    I just had some trigger, grip and sight mounting work done by Greg Derr on my Ruger Mark III. All I can say is I can't waiting get to the range! The trigger is smooth as butter. Great quality work and fair prices. I'll be back to Greg for all my gunsmith needs.[smile]
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