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  1. Tax Free Weekend

    It’s amazing that 6.25% motivates you guys. Most small businesses will give you that discount anytime if you pay in cash. The Mill shops will give you atleast that off if you’re simply just not an dick.
  2. James from TFBTV, and the Venetian in Las Vegas

    Your gun is allowed at U2, but they do confiscate your man card at the door.
  3. Tax Free Weekend

    I intentionally bought a $1k of home renovation supplies last weekend so I didn’t have to deal with mobs of people that can’t do math and f***ed up stock in the box stores this weekend. Worth the extra $62 or whatever.
  4. Classified translator

    Seems like as good a place as any to post this classic! View:
  5. Classified translator

    Don’t look at me. Whether it’s Jeeps, motorcycles or guns I’ll pay more for it to be unmodified. And yeah, that pretty much eliminates Florida vehicles!
  6. Classified translator

    You’re the same dude that complains about guys with mall crawler Jeeps 😂. Same dynamic, some people enjoy tricking stuff out more than actually using it.
  7. Classified translator

    You don’t say!
  8. A Special Kind of Stupid

    No. You’ve either never trained or you’ve definitely never seen cops train! 😂
  9. A Special Kind of Stupid

    This won’t be popular here, but if that’s what it takes to train cops to not kill friendlies or civilians so be it.
  10. NICS requiring address for delayed and denied

    Seriously. It’s pretty great to have a knowledgeable FFL that’s “one of us”
  11. NICS requiring address for delayed and denied

    As someone that gets delayed every single f***ing time, I guess I won’t be using FFLs anymore…
  12. Disregard

    NES math: take a $630 class to save $50 on a $750 gun.
  13. Prefered AR Manufacturer? Cheaper to Bling

    I agree with all this. View:
  14. Prefered AR Manufacturer? Cheaper to Bling

    The short answer is everyone thinks they’re a gunsmith.
  15. Prefered AR Manufacturer? Cheaper to Bling

    No doubt. But you’re the one that suggested firearms instructors recommend high end rifles because they are less prone to failure - that hasn’t been my experience. Ever. I don’t think there’s much, if any, difference in reliability. I have a BCM, but I’ve seen all manner of fancy guns fail...
  16. Prefered AR Manufacturer? Cheaper to Bling

    I’ve never had an instructor say higher end carbines are more reliable - never. Most will say “home builds” tend to break; all will say your equipment is less important than training.
  17. Ban on all semi auto rifles on deck

    One giant step closer to a national divorce.
  18. Rayla Campbell (R) for Sec of State

    Guys, stop kidding yourselves. Any time, money, or effort spent on candidates in Massachusetts is better off spent in New Hampshire.
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