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  1. Issue with OLIGHT Baldr Pro

    The solution to your Olight problems comes in a Surefire box. And: no! Olight is not JUST AS GOOD.
  2. Primary Arms experience? Japanese glass, FFP, zero stop, tracking guarantee, 34 mm tube, usable illuminated reticle. Gotta wait a little, but features don’t lie. At least on paper, it beats...
  3. Scope and Mount Advice

    Late to the party. Sorry. IMO, a good setup that won’t break the bank is a Large QD with an Arten 4-14x50. Scope has zero stop (awesome, and even better when you swap optics.), FFP, Japanese glass and they guarantee their tracking.
  4. Optic for ar?

    The viper PST 1-6 gen2 is where it’s at for budget LPVOs. Most important feature is a daylight bright (as opposed to daylight visible) red dot. Second, it’s not a tank like the Razor, but more like a light armored vehicle. Same reticle as the Razor too. Some people online say that it’s actually...
  5. Optic for ar?

    With a higher priced optic, you don’t pay for glass or emitters. You pay more for ruggedness. If you don’t need “go to war” quality, then go with Vortex, holosun,PA or what have you. If you want the good stuff, Aimpoint, Eotech or Trijicon. Full stop, end of story.
  6. Battle Belts

    Mine is old... it’s a tac tailor. 2 pistol mags, three AR mags (1 double decker taco, 1 pistol/rifle taco, 1 pistol taco), tall boy IFAK, drop leg G-Code platform, CRKT dragon claw knife, 3V dump pouch. Tac tailor H harness, T-mech rigger belt.
  7. Scope recommendation

    Check out Arken optics.
  8. What is the best EOTECH (or other brand Red Dot) to buy?

    A wise man (Super Dave Harrington) once said "the solution to your Eotech problems comes in an Aimpoint box". Listen to the wise man. Depending on application, one of the Comp models (the PRO is a Comp M2 clone) is always a good choice. I love my PRO and my M4s. If I ever need another red dot...
  9. Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x Scope

    Hi Florence. First, I strongly advise you not to take any review seriously that places products from Monstrum tactical and Truglo among the top 10 scopes on the market. Next, maybe you could give us an idea of your price range, the purpose of the rifle it goes on, and the type of performance...
  10. Cheap scope for rimfire

    Scopes for that money usually give the rest of your guns creep AIDS in the safe. I wouldn't buy a single scope ring for that kinda dough. I don't care what anyone says, if you want to hit shit and your optic to last longer than 250 rounds, you need something better. End of fairy tale.
  11. Trijicon SRO

    According to the salesman in the vid, the RMR is more rugged. Why pay 100 more for something that's more likely to shit the bed?
  12. Holosun HS510C experiences?

    I catch myself going less and less for anything "bargain" or "value" when it comes to gun stuff. I was in the market for a new red dot, and just when I started considering an Eotech 512 or xps2, a good friend of mine offered me his Aimpoint PRO with 2 different mounts. Bought it on the spot. I...
  13. Osprey global optics

    Save your pennies. I wouldn't go any lower than Athlon or Vortex, and that's just because I can't afford a Nightforce or S&B. It's not even a clarity issue (most chicom scopes have OK glass nowadays), but more of a turret thing. Cheap turrets can and will give you inaccurate or even "blind"...
  14. Cheap scope for rimfire

    Switching a scope from one rifle to another, constantly? That'll drive you bonkers real quick. Look at Tascos. Or buy once, cry once.
  15. Deleted due to error in posting location

    Get a membership and post in the classifieds. This thread is going to do a magic trick and dissapear into thin air.
  16. Itargetpro

    Makes dry firing more fun. Anyone own/use one?
  17. Cry havoc tactical takedown at adapter.

    What's the benefit compared to standard takedown?
  18. Thoughts on Burris vs. Vortex?

    Screw it, Nightforce or bust. The best warranty in the world won't do you much good if your stuff breaks when you need it most (Murphy anyone?). They make a line in your price range, with very usefull reticles.
  19. Kydex knife sheath

    Any place that sells knifemakers supplies has it, but I think has the best selection. You will also need an eyelet setter, a drill press, and a belt sander will make life way less complicated when it comes to final shaping. The sheath itself is a breeze. It's the belt attachment...
  20. Remington 700 SA rail. HELP

    I know I'm going to catch flack for this, but wouldn't an AR cantilever do what you need if you mount it backwards? Just a thought.
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