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  1. Blogger takes on Brady Board Members

    Roger. Thanks!
  2. Blogger takes on Brady Board Members

    I'm confused so maybe someone more versed in law can help me out. When the Brady guy says something along the lines of 'keeping guns out of the hands of domestic violence offenders, criminals, terrorists, etc...' I completely lose him. My experience buying a gun (gun show or private shop) is...

    Wow. He doesn't vote republican party line, so he is immediately ostracized. Real open minded guys. Maybe when you get laid off you'll give the bill a second thought. /here's hoping
  4. M16, other guns taken from Milford man....

    Hey buddy, how about not assaulting your wife? Thanks! Signed, Every gun owner in the commonwealth
  5. the wind farm

    Color me confused, but why would an organization called the 'Gun Owners Action League' have any opinion on wind farms? Maybe the more relevent question would be why would anyone care that GOAL had an opinion on wind farms?
  6. Looking for ideas on modding my AK

    The modifications in the link by MrTwig are pretty nice, but I would stay away from the Tapco handgaurd. There have seen independent reviews saying these have: Not fit properly/wiggled around while shooting, melted after vigorous shooting and required significant modification to fit some...
  7. PK-AS Red Dot Sight Question

    I do have a question actually. I'm trying to find the best price on the offset version, and I don't really know where to start looking. Where did you get yours and how much did you end up paying?
  8. PK-AS Red Dot Sight Question

    I'm looking at getting a PS-AS red dot for my Romak but I'm a bit confused on the nomenclature. I would like to buy the one which is offset from the bore so I can still use iron sights, but I am not sure how to tell these apart from the over-the-bore model. Anyone know how they name these...
  9. Looking for ideas on modding my AK

    So, where would I find a mount that attaches like this? I have one of these mounts on my AK, but i had no clue that's what it's purpose was.
  10. Looking for ideas on modding my AK

    Mods please don't ban me for spam, BUT! For a foregrip, DO NOT buy a full size unless you are mounting it very well forward of the mag well as the ak mag requires rotation to lock in and a full size can interfere with mag insertion. Get a stubby
  11. Looking for ideas on modding my AK

    Also, be very very careful if you plan to mount an optic on a dust cover with rail. There is a lot of mechanical movement in a AK in that area that will make your life hell. Go for a side mounted AK rail from K-Var or similar. I have no idea about optics as I'm an iron sights type of guy...
  12. Looking for ideas on modding my AK For a rail, get this. I have one on my Romak 99.2 and it is solid as a rock and not too heavy.
  13. How much extra are you willing to spend to do business with a local shop?

    Nothing over the price of online + shipping. Period
  14. This American Life on guns.

    Listening now, and it is really really interesting and entertaining. Listen with an open mind because both points of view are represented.
  15. 2nd Amendment discussion in Sociology class pissed me off today

    Hey man, I know exactly how you feel as I've been in post-secondary education for a while now. The simple fact of the matter is professors will always push their own agenda, but you need to be a big enough person to let them express their views and keep your mouth shut. You are paying an F-ton...
  16. Steel Cased pistol ammo...Good or Bad ?

    I'm with Eddie on this. Speaking with some logical thinking, the steel used to make wolf casings is softer than any barrel steel you are likely to find (prove it to yourself, scratch a casing against your barrel and see which piece of steel takes the scratch). Secondly, wolf ammo is polymer...
  17. Why is Scott Brown rated "A" on gun rights?

    With the alternative being some kid getting shot or shooting another kid, which would give the anti's even more fodder, why is this a bad idea? If nothing else, supplying a lock makes the parent more personally responsible for an accident and taking the heat off the gun manufacturer.
  18. Why is Scott Brown rated "A" on gun rights?

    Wait wait wait.... How is requiring manufacturers to provide a child saftey lock make you rage? I'd gladly pay the extra $10 dollars so one idiot that normally wouldn't store his gun properly thinks twice (hell, maybe even save his childs life). Grasping at straws a bit hard for my tastes.
  19. Winner picked...... Bolt

    Jah, that's an IN
  20. M48 Mauser Problem

    I need someone a bit more experienced than I to drop some knowledge on me. A while back I bought an M48 Mauser from a gun show. I brought it home, went on and picked up a set of 8mm headspace gauges. That same day I ordered steel cased romainian 8mm mauser ammo. I took it out to...
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