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  1. PK-AS Red Dot Sight Question

    I'm looking at getting a PS-AS red dot for my Romak but I'm a bit confused on the nomenclature. I would like to buy the one which is offset from the bore so I can still use iron sights, but I am not sure how to tell these apart from the over-the-bore model. Anyone know how they name these...
  2. M48 Mauser Problem

    I need someone a bit more experienced than I to drop some knowledge on me. A while back I bought an M48 Mauser from a gun show. I brought it home, went on and picked up a set of 8mm headspace gauges. That same day I ordered steel cased romainian 8mm mauser ammo. I took it out to...
  3. Did Weapons Fail U.S. Troops During Afghanistan Assault?

    The soldiers said their weapons were meticulously cared for and routinely inspected by commanders.,2933,563883,00.html I know its a 50 year old flame war, but I'll sure as hell stick with my AK.
  4. Additions to a pre-ban Romak 99.2

    I would like to add a vertical foregrip and a collapsible stock to my pre-ban Romak AK74 clone. I am under the assumption that because the firearm is pre-ban, I can basically do whatever I want to it short of a suppressor/grenade launcher. Am I right about my assumption, or will adding a...
  5. Transporting Ammo into MA

    Hey all, Ive search the topic a bit, but I guess the question was not asked/answered in a way that makes me 100% confident what I am doing is legal, so please cut me some slack. My dad, as a gift bought me 800rnds of 8x57 Mauser ammo and had it shipped to his home in WI. I am headed back...
  6. AK Furniture

    Hey all, I'm looking for polymer AK furniture but haven't been quite able to find what I'm looking for. I would like a hand guard with at least two rails and a solid (non-folding stock). I have looked at TAPCO, but heard nothing good about them (and the stuff melts I guess). I like K-Var...
  7. AK74 Mag coupler (do anyone make it?)

    I just bought a whole bunch of AK74 bakelite mags for my Romak 99.2 and went searching for mag couplers, but the only ones I found were for steel mags. Does anyone know if/where someone sells AK74 mag couplers?[crying]
  8. Can't find snap caps!

    I bought a Romak 99.2 recently and can't find 5.45x39 snap caps anywhere! Am I just looking in the wrong place?
  9. Is it me, or has the gun rush subsided a bit?

    Looking around lately, ammo is still is short supply, but semi-auto rifles seem to be much more plentiful than they were 3 or 4 months ago. The shops that I visited 3 months ago with nearly no WASR 10s or ARs now have 2 to 3 of each in stock at any one time. Also, sites like J&G have a larger...
  10. Magazine Transfer

    Hello, I wanted to buy a couple pre-ban hi-cap magazines from someone in MA. We are both LTC A holders. Do we need to do a transfer through an FFL, or can we simply exchange money for goods?
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