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  1. New 2019 Yaesu FT3DR

    Shit...that is too expensive for a HT. I have the FT2DR and I can't use half the features on the damn thing. That was a $400 radio. No way in hell I'm paying $520 for a HT. Hell...a decent base station / mobile costs that much and has a lot more power. I've got a Tri-Band TYT, a dual band...
  2. Upcoming public service volunteer opportunities

    Reposting from an email Mark Richards (K1MGY) sent out to a ton of hams who've covered other events. Email him at [email protected] if you are interested in volunteering your time ============================================== Dear friends, There are three Amateur Radio public service events...
  3. Using Echolink while overseas

    Why the crab gotta be black? THAT'S RACIST!!!! lol
  4. Using Echolink while overseas

    Allowed by FCC regs since I'm a US licensed HAM. I'm 100% sure that all countries I'll visit have agreements in place, but I'm wondering if I need to worry about getting reported. Not like that would ever happen. :) Oh...and how many freakin' hands do you have? You spawn a bunch since the...
  5. Using Echolink while overseas

    The family and I leave for our European vacation on Thursday. Not taking any radios with me for a couple reasons. 1. Disney outright bans any and all ham radio gear and if you are caught with this stuff, they will kick you off the boat. Bullshit, but their rules. Not going to risk effing...
  6. 2019 Marathon

    Yeah...last year sucked. Tons of hypothermia issues. Great experience...but is insane how many people they get to volunteer. Somewhere in the range of 1,800 volunteers including 200-250 HAMS.
  7. 2019 Marathon

    I had to back out. Work is nuts right now. :( Was going to work transpiration again. So, if anyone signed up and is on a wait list, at least one slot should be open now! :)
  8. stupid question??????

    This. I setup a Baofeng with local EMS freqs for a friend and disabled the transmit function on those channels. No need to mutilate the radio. :) Go get your tech license and then you can use it legally on the ham bands.
  9. WOOT Deal Today on Baofeng UV-5R Dual Band HT - Stupid Cheap!

    Yes...out of the box. It lists the transmit/receive freqs from 137-170 and 430-520. Never understood why FCC didn't crack down hard on these imports. Most likely due to the fact that Congress has been gutting the FCC's budget for years now. Far less enforcement going on now than in the past.
  10. WOOT Deal Today on Baofeng UV-5R Dual Band HT - Stupid Cheap!

    The UV-82 was my first radio after getting licensed. A great inexpensive way to get on the air and hear what is going on around you. Are they the top quality radios you'd get from Yaesu, Icom or Kenwood? Nope...but it works well and is a great value for the price. I'm surprised that Trump's...
  11. Antique radio collectors?

    If you want to see some vintage stuff, I'd suggest you come up to Ayer, MA next Thursday for Dan Pedke's Tech Night. The guy who built the building where the meeting is held is quite the collector. Has old TVs and radios in the front lobby. From what I gather, it is only part of his...
  12. 122 miles ,,,, Freetown to Greylock 2 meters

    Eh...the repeater was doing the heavy lifting there! :) Still pretty cool tho!
  13. Equipment from a smoker’s shack

    I suppose it depends on the make/model and the asking price.
  14. Getting back on the air

    Paxton is a great repeater. Probably the biggest single footprint in the state. Helps being 1400 ft above sea level. :) Member of the CMARA club for 3 or 4 years. Some drama in the club...but it doesn't seem to make it on the air. Check into George's Old Timer's Net every night at 730pm...
  15. Public service event calendar

    I also am doing bicycle mobile. Need to order the DMR radio. Been looking to buy one I have an excuse!!! :)
  16. Public service event calendar

    K1MGY sent out an email asking for volunteers for 3 upcoming events. Email him at [email protected] if interested in any of these. Orchard House 5 & 10K Saturday September 8, 2018 (morning) Concord, MA Cystic Fibrosis Cycle for Life Saturday October 6, 2018 (morning to early afternoon)...
  17. 122 miles ,,,, Freetown to Greylock 2 meters

    This...inquiring minds want to know. I live in the FN42EN grid and I cannot hit Greylock to save my life. Probably the hills between me and the hill. I have a Diamond X515 and can put out about 1100W (amp plus antenna gain) and I can't hit it. :(
  18. No antenna warning

    I guess you could key up to just to be sure. :)
  19. WWV Threatened - WH Petition Link

    Sadly, this will happen. Remember, there are only about 750,000 people licensed as hams in the US. That petition needs 1 in 7 of them to do this. How many hams are actually active on HF? I hope they don't shut it down since it is great for ballparking the MUFs. SIGNED!
  20. Public service event calendar

    This one doesn't look like a non-profit event. I'll skip this one since I like to support charities...not give my services to a corporate run event.
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