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  1. m16 vs AC556

    we need a new bathroom in our house as well as some other upgrades. At 40 years old I need to take care of real BUSINESS and give the toys a rest for once in my life. like I said... I dont shoot it and still have the AC556 and thats my passion and baby. I have sold many things over the years...
  2. m16 vs AC556

    Well I tell you. I have decided to sell my Sendra RR M16 as I just don't shoot it anymore and need the dough for home improvements so I'm gonna be listing it on the boards this weekend. But I am keeping my Ruger 13 inch shorty. I just love that gun so much. As much as I like the 16 I am gonna...
  3. Responses from MA Representatives and Senators

    here is my responce from Stan Rosenberg Rob Thank you for your email about gun related legislation. This is just the beginning of what I expect to be a very challenging and contentious debate. Please be assured that I will take the same approach as I have throughout my career on legislation...
  4. Class III is in the wallet.

    no the MGL is totally separate and does not replace your LTC class A. I have had my LTC class A non restricted for 18 years and my MA MGL (green card) for 7 years. 2 different licenses. Rob
  5. Gun License Classes Booming

    I teach the NRA Basic Pistol Safety class and my phone is ringing off the hook. I have been booking up all my Saturdays for the next 3 months. My Wife is getting ticked off because I am not getting a chance to see my Daughters basketball games.... its amazing though.... been teaching this...
  6. Breaking News: Gov. Patrick's Bill Stalled - UPDATE POST 193

    good to see some good news and things moving in the right direction. A breath of oxygen though I must say. I agree lets keep fighting and not let our guard down. I'll keep on writing letters too. Good work guys..... we all seem to have pulled together over the last few weeks and as tough as...
  7. Responses from MA Representatives and Senators

    thats funny. I wrote an email and hard copy letter to Rosenberg and I never heard back from him either way. Oh well its better that not writing I suppose. Rob
  8. Another poll (Taunton Gazette)

  9. Breaking News from the NFATCA.

    the same thing that makes pistol grips, bayonet lugs, barrel shrouds and flash supressors bad and dangerous....these people have no common sense or reason in their theorys.... just emotional, knee jerk foolishness that is based on BS!!!!! Rob
  10. MGs to become worthless in NY, MA next?

    as a MA resident and Machine gun license holder for a number of years I own 4 NFA transferable machine guns. Ruger AC556F, M16 registered receiver, Uzi 9mm registered receiver and an original Reising .45 SMG. I guess I would be lying if I said I have not been asking myself outside of moving to...
  11. WWLP poll on Linsky's bill

  12. Positive respones from state Reps

    just contacted Rosenberg.... see what he says in return. Rob
  13. WTS 7 Round NY/MA compliant AR-15 Magazines

    Well just picked up the local paper and on the front page "devals new gun legislation. It has all kinds of stuff on mental health issues, stricter penalties etc but does not even mention the new 7 rd limit anywhere in the article. SOBs are gonna try and slide it by and most normal gun owners and...
  14. Sheriff Tim Mueller

    good for him . Wish we were dealing with more in this country like him . Rob
  15. NH lawmaker talks taking freedom

    Isnt she a real treat!!!! my Wife and I are considering moving up to NH.... heck we spend most of our weekends there anyways and my Wife works there so it would be a smart move. I would love to move up and join the fight against her. :) we can hold some Machine gun shoots for like 3...
  16. The Stars Align and I finally get to shoot my MG at Mass Rifle

    nice gun.. I love those MACs and the slow fire LAGE conversions are real sweet. They really make it such a much more enjoyable subgun to shoot. I sold my MAC10 .45 SMG a couple years ago for a Reising SMG but I look back now and wish I had threw a LAGE kit on mine too. Probably would have...
  17. everyone send some letters using this link from Ruger

    its also a good way to have others who are not on this site or other sites (like my Dad who does not belong to any forums) send in letters. Last night after I sent mine I sent the link to 5 other shooting friends including my Dad who dont belong to forums and they will ABSOLUTELY be sending in...
  18. everyone send some letters using this link from Ruger

    thats great... thanks for posting. I always liked Ruger. Done... Rob
  19. new MA laws being considered

    just saw this on line.... Rob
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