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  1. Lever gun suggestions

    Looking for suggestions on a lever gun. The purpose of the gun would only be target shooting. I've shot the model 94 Winchester and like it, but I'm looking for something cheaper to shoot. I'm leaning towards a Winchesters model 1873. My research suggests that it can fire .357 and .38 pistol...
  2. MSNBC blames MSNBC for helping the Boston Bombers

    Title should be MSNBC blames NRA for helping the Boston Bombers. Too full of WTFness to proof read. The liberal media machine is just killing my soul. MSNBC: NRA 'in the Business of Helping Bombers Get Away With Their Crimes' - YouTube
  3. Shooters Outpost Facebook update

    Look no more.....we have some substantial quantities of .22LR (333rd cans & 100 sleeves of CCI standard velocity), 9mm - both Blazer Brass & Fiocchi & .223 Fiocchi in stock now! This comment by Shooter Outpost followed their update. Shooters Outpost 2 of any of the 22's & .223, 4 on...
  4. Trying to prove to people on the fence that 7 rds is a bad idea.

    My plan is to post police lethal force videos and show people just how many rounds it can take to stop someone from killing you back. To break the Hollywood brain wash. I means these are cops, weapon experts. If "they" need that many rounds, then so should I. Below is a link to a website with...
  5. Defensive shotgun training

    I picked up an Remington 870 Tactical at Four Seasons on Friday. I saw it on their website and couldn't help myself. Now that I have it, I want to get some training. Does anyone know of any clubs or individuals that provide that kind of training in Mass or NH?
  6. Deputies shoot, kill man after knocking on wrong door I'm speechless over this.
  7. AR-15s are like Barbie dolls for red necks. Accessories Accessories Accessories

    You've got to see what these guys did to that poor rifle. I love the zombie band wagon, but this is going way to far.
  8. Pro gun ABC story about home invasions

    First two stories talk about the home owners killing the intruders. The second one has 911 audio where you hear the home owner shoot the POS and you hear him groan. Nice
  9. Article by Forbes - Disarming the Myths Promoted By the Gun Control Lobby Good read
  10. Ammo Fort

    Saw this on Facebook and thought I'd share.
  11. $15 for 79 AKs I'll take that deal A total of 79 guns and 253 cartridges were stuffed in more than 60 wooden boxes bought by a resident of the village of Sovkhozny
  12. Developer with shotgun scared off Oakland rioters
  13. UN Firearms instructor shoots self at S&W in Springfield MA, Anyone have any news about this guy, was it a malfunction or an ND?
  14. Don't bring a pellet gun to a knife fight Twenty-year-old Richard Walling had been charged with manslaughter in the Jan. 8 deaths of 25-year-old Ryan Aponte and 35-year-old Leonard Bolia, both of Wareham. Walling's lawyer...
  15. Springfirld Armory magazine question

    I picked up an MA1 Saturday at Four Seasons. So as soon as I got home I went to the Springfield website to start looking for accessories. On their site they have a 20rd magazine that says. Not legal in California or New Jersey. But above...
  16. Gun show in Marlborough

    So who else was there and what did you buy? I picked up a Sig 238, which my wife fell in love with. I think I'll need another one before long. I came really close to picking up an 1898 original Krag. $1400 and in beautiful condition. I made the mistake of telling the wife about it and she...
  17. Buying a Garand from CMP

    As a Mass resident is there anything I need to worry about if I buy a Garand from the civilian marksmanship program? The way I understand it is that I buy it on line and they ship it. Once I get it I fill out a Fa-10 and that it. Am I right?
  18. 11 year old holds off home invaders

    I love that the rifle was pink.
  19. NH Lawmakers Lift Ban On Guns In Statehouse Can't believe this wasn't the first post today.
  20. An 82-year-old retired combat engineer with diabetes and leukemia stops robbery.

    And since it's from AZ the comments are positive.
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