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  1. Anyone seen any Sten loop stocks for sale?

    Hunting for one for a gun that I should have in about 16-20 months. Seems like the loop stocks dried up while I wasn't looking.
  2. Best place for a BFSC class?

    Any suggestions on a good place in the Boston metro area to take a BFSC course? I'm up for LTC renewal, am active-duty stationed away from MA, and my town requires a course taken within the last year. Any places out there that anyone would suggest? Trying to save some money, I know some...
  3. HSC Rifle match this weekend

    Posting this here because the rifle forum is typically not active. Anyone know of any restrictions on ammo/rifles for this weekend's match?
  4. School me on M24s, M27s, M28s, M28/30s... EDIT: now with pictures of impulse buy

    Been thinking about getting more Finn Mosins. I have a couple of M39s, an M91, and a 91/30. I'd like to get some of the less common varieties. Which are the most desirable? What price ranges should I be looking at? A online dealer had a nice M24 that sold for $450 a few days back, and my local...
  5. Anyone shot skeet at Independent?

    I'm in the States on leave and wanted to get some skeet in. Has anyone shot at Independent Sportsmen's? Is lead allowed?
  6. Impulse buys from the other side of the planet.

    I have a habit of walking into a store and buying new guns on impulse. It's an expensive habit that I've tried to break. I thought I'd be immune to this from way the hell out here... but I just sent in a CMP order for several Garands. Go figure... Anyone know where I can find a USGI M84...
  7. Any experiences with Camp Lejeune?

    I'm looking at my possible assignments for next year, potentially 2-3 year orders. I'm sure there are guys here who have been through CL - any experiences, positive/negative? Places to shoot?
  8. Any shotgun reloaders?

    Anyone reload shotshells? The only one of my presses that has been running lately is my ancient MEC 650 pumping out 12ga skeet loads. Looking for some suggestions on good 28ga powders to use. I'm planning on picking up a tube set for my Beretta and a MEC 9000.
  9. USPSA shotgun speedloading...

    I shot my first shotgun match at HSC about a week and a half ago. All I had was a belt with shells and a stock-mounted shell holder. I saw all sorts of crazy contraptions including the speedloading sticks and some belt-mounted shell-holders. My question is, what do you use and what do you...
  10. Who's shooting the HSC shotgun match next week?

    Just curious to see who's shooting next week's match. I know it's a shotgun match but I don't think anyone actually reads the shotgun competition board.
  11. Does anyone use the CrossBreed QwikClip holster?

    I've been pocket carrying a Sig 238 this summer but with the fall and winter approaching I'm looking at moving back to a real caliber. I have a Crossbreed Supertuck for my M&Ps but, embarassingly, I can't find it - I moved out of MA this summer and it appears to have been lost in the shuffle...
  12. Should I replace the bolt on my AR when I replace the barrel?

    I have an AR that I'm going to switch barrels on. It's a Model 1 upper and the new barrel is a Remsport. The BCG is an LMT and the bolt has seen several thousand rounds. I know that the bolt/barrel tend to wear in to each other over time. Thoughts? I have a backup bolt, it's the original...
  13. Which Glock to buy?

    So, having transitioned to the free world, I find myself in a land of cheap new Glocks. Now, I shoot them like crap and have never been a huge fan... but the $420 pricetag on the new 17s on the low end to $530 on the Gen 4 21s is just too tempting. So, if you could buy a brand new Glock, what...
  14. Any Navy/Marine guys ever spend time in Diego Garcia, Bahrain, Japan, or Okinawa?

    Supposedly there aren't a lot of seagoing billets coming up at my next rotation - does anyone have experience with those locations?
  15. Looking at a new 5" Production gun - anyone have experience with the XD or M&P Pros?

    Having just moved to the somewhat more free Commonwealth of Virginia, I find that I now have many more options for polymer Production guns - not limited to 15 year old Glocks versus fixed M&Ps. I have really been looking hard at getting a 5" longslide gun - ideally I would get an M&P9L, install...
  16. FN SLP versus Beretta TX4?

    I'm looking at a new shotgun for 3-gun/USPSA shotgun side matches - Any thoughts or experiences? I've read plenty and both appear to be extremely reliable and well built - wanted to see if anyone has any input.
  17. Any thoughts on the STI Trubor or similiarly priced race guns?

    I have been toying with the idea of a race gun - the STI Trubor seems to be the entry-level model and in my projected price range. Does anyone have any experience with the gun or alternatives in that price area?
  18. Anyone know where to find ammo cans in quantity?

    I want to find ammo cans/crates as I have to move some ammo. Any ideas on local places that might have them at a reasonable price?
  19. MPS (Augusta, ME) USPSA - anyone shot there?

    I want to shoot a match this weekend and MPS is having their monthly match. Has anyone shot there? I don't mind the drive as long as they run a good match.
  20. Manville start time?

    I want to shoot Manville USPSA tomorrow - does anyone know the start time?
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