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  1. Friends account keep getting rejected

    Like the title says. One of my friends has been trying to make an account here. He has tried twice and both times it got rejected. anybody able to help him out?
  2. Hypothetical preban mag question

    I have a handful of preban 15 round sig magazines. Does anybody know the legality of adding extensions to them in Massachusetts?
  3. One of our own lost his home to a fire

    Hi guys I’m posting this to see I can get some help for one of our own. Our beloved HKdrummer had a fire at his house and it was a total loss. He’s a close personal friend of mine and has been a member here for over a decade. There is a GoFundMe set up to help his family sort out and recover...
  4. you ever have "one of those days" at the range?

    decided to get some practice in on my remington 700 build this afternoon. so i load up my gear and hopped in my truck and drove the half hour to the range. i get there and am pumped to see the 100yard range is empty! AND somebody left up a bunch of untouched targets at the backstop to save me a...
  5. WTB WTB variable rifle scope

    looking for a scope to put on a precision rifle build. looking for something variable powered with front focal plane. MIL reticle. would like to keep it under $1000. preferred brands are Leupold, Vortex, US optics, nightforce
  6. WTS WTS .32 S&W reloading package, RCBS scale, rare brass, lyman tumbler, and more

    WTS or WTT intersted in trades for match grade 223, varget powder, 168 or 175gr sierra matchkings located in Leominster area Lyman turbo 600. no lid or media. works fine - $50 RCBS 5-10 scale. works great - $50 RCBS .32 S&W 3 die set, 32 S&W long brass. mostly win and RP head stamps (blue lid...
  7. whats going on in Gardner Walmart? I heard talk on Facebook of bomb threat... anybody have a scanner?
  8. possibly moving to fitchburg...

    well, my life is turning on it's head. I am most likely moving from a small town to Fitchburg in the next month. and my LTC expires in January...[sad] I know Fitchburg won't issue an unrestricted LTC even if my life depended on it. Should I go and renew my LTC in my hometown early so that I can...
  9. I found the ghost gun!

    While surfing the net I think I have located the legendary ghost gun! TNarmsco Clear ghost gun receiver
  10. Need some help with Pillar and glass bedding a stock??

    So I am finally building my precision rifle. I have decided to go with a Savage 10FCP McMillan. The rifle does not come bedded and I wanted to get that taken care of to get every last bit of accuracy I can from it. I am confident I can glass bed the action myself, but I am a little bit nervous...
  11. Just got a package in the mail from Croatia. can somebody help me translate?

    So on another forum we did a pay it forward thread and a member who resides in Croatia sent me these. he did not have much information about them, but I assume they are ww2 era. can anybody translate the writing on the money?
  12. WTS WTS - Yakima roof rack for 98 Jeep grand cherokee

    I bought this rack brand new from Yakima a while back and have since changed vehicles and it no longer fits. It came off of my 98 grand cherokee, but it should fit into the existing roof rack tracks on 93s up to 98s (ZJ body style) and many other vehicles ( you just have to buy the correct...
  13. AR Muzzle device question??

    I am somewhat new to the world of ARs and I have a question. I recently got into a debate with a guy about the legality of flash hiders. I was told the muzzle device in this pic was legal, but I think it is a standard A2 flash hider, which would make the rifle illegal in MA, since it is post...
  14. Looks like Colorado is the next to fall?

    I just logged on to yahoo and say this article!!! "Colo. House passes gun-control measures". Forgive me, I am not all that familiar with how laws are passed, but does this mean the law is now effective, or does it stall have a ways to go?
  15. anybody watching Piers "musket" Morgan tonight?

    this is going be crazy
  16. We did it boys and girls! front page on yahoo!

    just went to and the first article is about the guns across america rallies across the country today. sadly I was sentenced to work today and couldn't get out of it. I will make sure I make it to the next one.
  17. need a little help, critique for my letter to my local reps

    so I have been trying to think of what I would like to include in my letter to my state reps on the preposed revisions to our tyrannical gun control laws. here is what I have so far. are there any points I am missing My name is Nickortizzle1035. I have been an avid shooting enthusiast...
  18. accidentally non compliant?

    I have been curious about this issue for a while and figured now is as good a time as any to find the answer. What would happen if someone in MA were to buy an AR15 with non compliant "assault weapon" features from a MA gun shop? would they get in trouble? or would they have to surrender or...
  19. Smith and Wesson 19-3 questions?

    A coworker of mine is looking to sell me his S&W 19-3 6". I don't really know too much it. It will be my first revolver chambered above 22lr. Is there anything I should look for in this gun? I had a chance to hold it and it looks solid with no noticeable flaws. also, what is a decent value for...
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