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  1. Easy Magazine Identification

    So I sold my G19 (kept mos the mags) and bought a G23 and a 9mm conversion barrel. Now the issue came up about quickly and easily identifying which mags were .40 and which were 9mm. I saw some blue and orange baseplates at $4 each, also there are aluminum ones which can be anodized and/or...
  2. CCSSEF Match Results from Oct 10 Just thought I would brag a little, that's me at the top.
  3. Suggestions on SD/Carry Ammo for 357magnum

    Looks like they don't make Federal HST for the 357 magnum, I am having issues with Speer Gold Dots not expanding and they only sell the Gold Dot Short Barrels in 20 round boxes meaning $1+ per round so I am looking for suggestions on the next best ammo to carry.
  4. Speer Gold Dots not expanding

    Anyone else having this issue? I bought 100 rounds of Speer Gold Dot 158gr GDHP for my 357 Magnum. As usual I took the ammo to a friends pistol range at his house to be sure the ammo fed and fired correctly, at the same time I try to capture them by shooting them into gallon milk jugs filled...
  5. Recreation Pistol - IDPA in Keene NH

    Will I be seeing anyone from here tomorrow? Thinking of trying it with a revolver for the first time. It's $15 and usually 4-5 stages.
  6. C&R in NH question

    Earlier this year I started working at the town hall. Today we had a discussion about C&R licenses and the NH law section 159:8. The person responsible is under the impression that when someone is issued a C&R that they need to bring that to the town in order for them to issue a DSSP 177...
  7. Hiking Daypack Recomendations

    Looking for a hiking daypack and looking for suggestions. I picked up an Osprey Daylite which is the perfect size at 793 cu in and weighs just about a pound, it has 2 outside pockets for water bottles, an internal pocket for a hydration pouch if I choose. The only thing it doesn't have is a...
  8. IDPA Recreational Match - Keene NH Sep 6th

    Club is holding a recreational IDPA match on Sep 6th at 9am. Will be at the Cheshire County Fish and Game Club which is just a couple minutes outside of Keene NH. Cost is $15 and usually 4 stages. No fame or fortune on the line so come out and put your carry gun to use with some good...
  9. WTS Tandem Kayak $500

    Selling Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145T tandem kayak. Great for kayaking with small kids. Front seat adjusts in seconds to convert it to a single. It's the red one. My kids now have their own kayaks so I don't need to give them rides. $500 and located in Swanzey NH Would consider...
  10. WTS 2 Youth Kayaks

    Selling 2 youth kayaks, they are Old Town Heron Jr's. My kids have outgrown them and are looking to upgrade. 7'5" long, weigh 26 pounds, rated up to 115 pounds, come with factory tow ropes attached. They also have an insane amount of foam inside them for extra buoyancy in case of a tip...
  11. WTB Roof Rack for Kayak

    Looking to buy a car roof rack to hold my kayaks. Edit: car is a 2003 audi allroad and already has side rails.
  12. Made my blood boil - why my daughter will learn to shoot

    May have been seen already since it's a half year old but I just saw this. It has my blood boiling and my hands shaking with rage while at work. The sick fnck probably thinks this makes him more of man. He could have just as easily broken in and just yelled at her and threatened her and she...
  13. Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel - length

    I found some of this ammo and saw on the Speer website that their tests were done with a 2" barrel but was curious about using it in something other then my PPS. I asked them what barrel lengths they recommend as the cut off between SB and standard gold dots so I thought I would share their...
  14. Gunsmith for a Mauser

    I have a Turkish Mauser that really doesn't have much value to me so I want to put a modern barrel and stock on it while keeping the receiver and that bolt that is as smooth as butter. I am going to keep it 8mm. What are some good companies to look at for the parts? Any recommendations for...
  15. Home made powder horns

    My sons youth shooting club is taking some time off from shooting during the winter so we have started on some projects. This is what we started on today. Still needs lacquer and a strap, mine needs a plug in end still.
  16. WTS Bowflex

    WTS Schwinn branded Blowflex. Sick kids made me miss to much work now behind on bills, time to sell stuff. $350 cash, no checks.
  17. WTB AT&T Compatible Android Phone

    Girlfriends contract finally running out and switching carriers. Just looking for something to get by for a couple months while she saves up $ for something better. Looking for 4g, minimum 5mp camera, android Thanks.
  18. Score!

    Not seen this stuff in a long time. He has 4 boxes left if anyone wants. Do wish it was 147gr though.
  19. Which Winchester Ranger for edc?

    I have been carrying the Q4364 but just got my hands on a box of RA9SXT. Looked online for info but most seem to say the sxt was discontinued talon ammo and posts are a few years old. The sxt I got has a date of 10/12 on the box. Any input on either the SXT or Bonded JHP?
  20. One dead, one critically injured in shooting outside San Diego mall "The female victim who died called 911 at 1:15 a.m. local time from the parking lot..." If she had time to call she would have had time to draw a gun. Would like to...
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