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  1. Supreme court case against MA on guns

    This was 2 weeks ago. Where is this at now?
  2. House Passes 2022 AWB; Senate Up Next

    You need to get THAT on CNN. Best of luck there.
  3. Deals and steals

    Not seeing a similar/corresponding deal on the 22lr/22wmr combo, or am I missing something? Would it make sense to just buy the .22lr and get the additional .22wmr cylinder? For $58, this would be a good gun for training, or squirrels/rabbits, or just plinking cans, if you have a place to do...
  4. Trail camera thread. Post ur trail camera photos.

    I wonder what that battle scar is about.
  5. Deals and steals

    Well, I figured if people are looking to get one, they could just describe it. Anyways, long story short, instead of taking a regular size gun, and then making a "compact" model; this takes a really nice compact gun and upsizes it. I guess that is fine if you don't already have a full sized...
  6. Deals and steals

    What is an SPR project? What is a "macro" gun? I shot a Sig P365 and liked it, now I need to see what this model is also?
  7. House Passes 2022 AWB; Senate Up Next

    I would not count on it. They all have their price. Fat chance.
  8. Deals and steals

    When you say .22 only, does that include .22 WMR?
  9. Deals and steals

    Just saw this. I have steam, so it takes a bit to get everything up to temp, which is why I have it come on ahead a bit, and also set it to shut down earlier, since the iron radiators stay warm for a while. Also, these are the default values, so if nobody is home or around, it follows a set...
  10. Deals and steals

    $49? I just looked at this. I can continue putting my phone in my cupholder, console, or passenger seat at no cost, and it has been working just fine like that.
  11. Deals and steals

    It's got all the settings. Might as well plug some sort of number into them, otherwise why even bother with a programmable thermostat? On top of that, I just shut it off completely when it is going to be in a reasonable range of temps during the day probably end of April through end of October...
  12. Deals and steals

    Wow. 64 at 5:45 AM ready for wake-up and shower 59 at 7:30 AM down while at school/work 64 at 2:15 PM home from school 59 at 8:45 PM bedtime soon All of these are the "default" values, and all can be overridden if someone is here and wants different setting. This is just the fallback if nobody...
  13. Worth getting the AG permit now?

    I wonder what the count is up to now. Anybody keeping track?
  14. House Passes 2022 AWB; Senate Up Next

    NH is heading in the same direction as Mass is how I am reading this. So, why run?
  15. Deals and steals

    BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ I got these. These things are 5 1/2 inches overall. They are pretty tiny. I would not be throwing them on an outside course/range. They might get lost behind a blade of grass. They will go good with my miniature army shovels (entrenching tools) I got another time...
  16. Deals and steals

    My dash is plastic.
  17. Deals and steals

    OK, I was ignoring the c-wire conversation, but now it looks like this Honeywell T5 might need a "c-wire". So, what is it?
  18. Deals and steals

    Those look pretty nice. I need to check the dimensions. Nothing beats wool for warmth, except down. ;-p
  19. Deals and steals

    That Lux 5/2 looks promising. Again, just want the basics. But I don't want something cheap, that is going to crap out in less than 5 years.
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