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  1. It's Friday!

    cat thread? CAT THREAD?!
  2. NFA Items - Picture thread

  3. First time shooting new AR. Multiple FTFs

    a thin layer of spraypaint shouldn't cause that. lubricate the rifle properly, throw some on the buffer spring for giggles, and if that fails try loading the mags only to 28.
  4. Bulgarian Mak.

    picssssssssss pl0x.
  5. Bulgarian Mak.

    aw damn, you got the lanyard too? i got one in trade a little while back. got the holster, book, gun, one mag, but no lanyard. boo.
  6. Isosceles or Weaver stance

    when you troll the shit out of a thread don't be surprised when someone e-shits on you. it's not rocket science.
  7. Isosceles or Weaver stance

    jim needs to post videos of his superior shooting or he needs to STFU and to sit down when he pees. goddamn dude, enough ruining this thread already. go back to the trump leg-hump-fest where you belong.
  8. NFA Items - Picture thread

    uggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh. i'd be crying if i was the dude running the torch. or i'd just throw that bad boy up in my attic to save it from persecution. [laugh]
  9. 2016 NES Spring Trigger Break photo thread

    that's not a crime. i thought this was america!?
  10. 2016 NES Spring Trigger Break photo thread

    i like turtles.
  11. "The Modernity of Peshawar" AKA "Ben goes to Pakistan"

    click here for the top 10 firearms of 2016. secrets the NRA doesn't want you to know. gun show loophole? anti-gunners hate this!
  12. "The Modernity of Peshawar" AKA "Ben goes to Pakistan"

    nice catch. confirmed: TFB still scraping the bottom of the barrel for content i see. site has really gone downhill... but hey, their pop-ups for newsletters and shit work flawlessly!
  13. Why can't I get good training like this?

    seems legit.
  14. PMAGS - M2 vs. M3

    not really. i've used and abused both my gen2 and gen3 mags and they all still work fine.
  15. Neighbors can seize your firearms?!?

    yeah, but wait until scott brown comes to town and then everyone on NES starts telling you that TX is just "MA south".
  16. "The Modernity of Peshawar" AKA "Ben goes to Pakistan" plenty more in the article. [laugh] [mg]
  17. 2016 NES Spring Trigger Break photo thread

    you must be a lot of fun at parties.
  18. Is this setup compliant in MA

    OP's goin' 'ta jail.
  19. NFA Items - Picture thread

    back from last year when jim came to a shoot and brought a PKM. cut a nice line across the windshield of the car downrange. giggity. [mg]
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