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  1. Are we gonna do field day?

    Like it says... are we? Even informally? The day is reserved at MCRG. I would like to.
  2. Special Event this Sunday the 21st: Bataan Death March Commemoration
  3. I'm so psyched!

    Hi all, When I got my ticket over a year ago I did it for two reasons: 1) Communication when SHTF. This was right after the ice storm. 2) So that I could talk with my dad who is spending his days of retirement drifting around and about the Bahamas on his boat. When he found out I got my...
  4. Do you do QSL cards? And where do you get yours?

    Do you do QSL cards? And where do you get yours? Thinking I may get some...
  5. Do you log your contacts, and if so how?

    Now that I'm really up and running on HF I'd like to start logging contacts. How do you do it? Is there a preferred method/SW?
  6. Suggestions for reasonably priced headphones?

    As the title says... I don't really want to spend $100 on head phones, but I clearly need something. Anything reasonable out there? I've used my ear buds from my ipod, but I'd prefer some over the ear headphones.
  7. Rock-Mite by Small Wonder Labs

    Hey all, I'm thinking of building one of these little radios to play with my new CW skilz. Anyone built one? For <$30 it sounds like fun!
  8. End Fed Antennas

    I'm doing a little reading on HF antennas in preparation for getting my hf station up and running. The end fed geometry is particularly convenient for my property layout. In looking over the end fed zep, it strikes me as an HF J-pole. Am I wrong?
  9. 2m FM Simplex anyone?

    I'll be on 146.46 after 7:45PM tonight until 8:15 (unless someone comes along then I'll stay longer). If that's busy I'll try 146.58 (I'll keep echolink open too in case you are calling and not hearing a response).
  10. IC 745

    Hi all, I've got a line on an IC 745 for short money (like <$300). Anyone have any thoughts on this rig? This is essentially a first rig. I just can't bring myself to drop a kilobuck on a new rig as much as I'd like to... I trust the owner and he says it's all functional. What do you...
  11. Thanks Derek!

    Hey big guy! Thanks!
  12. Utah legalizing "brandishing"?

    Source: Interesting... would never fly in MA but still interesting to see the pro 2A legislation being worked on in free states.
  13. Ham radio directory - NEW FEATURE - PLEASE READ POST #16 EVEN IF YOU ARE IN IT!

    Hi all, The topic came up in the main ham radio thread and some seemed to like it, so here we go: Fill out this form: I'll check your info and email you back a link to the file. This way there will be a...
  14. display of hyperlinks

    Any way to alter the display of hyperlinks so that they stand out? They are very difficult to see in posts.
  15. Changing a tire...

    We talk about a lot of far out topics in here, but how about one that is pretty basic. I just walked from one building to another at work (100yds). It's freakin' cold out... I stood outside and chatted with a fellow employee for a few minutes on the way and my fingers were chilled to the...
  16. Unusual S&W Revolver - 22LR & 22Jet

    I was flipping through a book (Machine Design, by Black and Adams) I've had on my shelf for years and noticed a short description of an unusual revolver in a part of the book I don't typically read. Though some of you might be interested: I don't know if this revolver ever went to...
  17. Product Review: UST "Sparkie" - **Updated after hearing from UST**

    I recently purchased a "Sparkie" from Ultimate Survival Technologies, makers of the much acclaimed "Blast Match". Today, daughter Katie and I took the opportunity of a nice afternoon to take a short hike in the woods, and along the way I gathered various bits a pieces of potential tinder. My...
  18. Bows...

    Hi all, I figured the hunting section is the best place to put this, though I'm not looking to hunt right off the bat. I'm interested in getting into bow and have absolutely no idea where to start. I shot a recurve (no sights) a little when I was a kid and that's it. I wouldn't want to...
  19. My new favorite rifle

    It's been a while since I posted anything new, so here we go. It's been a while in the making: Here's my new favorite! Took her out for the maiden voyage today up at Monadnock R&G with MrTwigg (became a member there today as well). Specs: Lower: Anvil Arms "NES Member" Stock: Standard A2...
  20. 9mm FMSJ ammo/projectiles

    Hi all, A close friend of mine is in need of some German manufactured 9mm Steel Jacketed (not cased) ammo for ballistics testing (he works for a company that makes armor for our troops). What he's looking for are 124gn projectiles (or loaded ammo) but he's having a bugger of a time finding...
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