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  1. Hopkinton, looking to change 500 feet discharging of a firearm to 1,000 ft.

    Hey all, Not sure if you caught this but Hopkinton Mass is trying to sneak one by increasing the current 500 feet discharging of a firearm to 1,000 ft. This will more than likely eliminate Hunting in the town! GOAL ALERT! Massachusetts gun owners, the Town of Hopkinton...
  2. Here we go again. Biden wants possible gun confiscation.

    Biden To Congress: Enact Major Restrictions On Constitutionally Protected Second Amendment Rights
  3. Request your firearms transaction history In MA

    Request your firearms transaction history Request your firearms transaction history Request a copy of your firearms license history and a list of firearms transactions. Has anyone ever done this? (It costs $20.00) Just to see what Massachusetts has you down for? And how accurate is this...
  4. Friend applying first time for an LTC with a 30yr old incident.

    Have a friend applying for an LTC for the first time. He move from NY state 30 yrs ago to Ma. When he was 18 he used someones credit card, and got caught. In court, his charges were reduced, not sure to what, and his records sealed after community service.(dad spent lots of money). According...
  5. Lego Land California gun Horror

    Took the fam on vacation to southern cal. Have lots of family there. Took the kids to lego land for a few days, and to my amazement in every Lego pit for kids to build and get creative, every other kid boy or girl was building, guess what ....a gun. Even adults. Playing cops and robbers, war...
  6. Hope it makes you smile also

    One sunny day in January 2017, an old man approaches the White House from across Pennsylvania Avenue where he’d been sitting on a park bench. He speaks to the U.S. Marine standing guard and says, “I would like to go in and meet with President Obama.” The Marine looks at the man and says, “Sir...
  7. New Phone requires NIC check

    Is this Mass compliant? If a dupe....oh well. Enjoy anyways
  8. Rand Paul: I Don’t Like Being Lectured On The Constitution By An Administration That

    Rand Paul: I Don’t Like Being Lectured On The Constitution By An Administration That Tramples It!
  9. What to do with my backyard visitors

    This is why I haven't taken one home this year. Because they are gathering in my backyard woods. Just in time for turkey.
  10. Day at the range with the kids

    My 11 yr old daughter has been to the range multiple times but not my 7 yr old son. Today I took both. Took 500+ unicorn rounds "22's" , and got them firing a ruger 10/22 takedown, a mini Henry, and my Golden Boy (iron sights only).They had a blast. Later on, I introduced both to my 5.56...
  11. . Still developing or a hoax. Time will tell
  12. Firearms threat in perspective

    Hope it is not a dupe, but interesting short reading.
  13. Saw the Royals fire a gun in Australia on Good Friday

    Prince William and Kate are visiting Australia and they got to fire the starting guns at a demo on life rescue techniques at Manly Beach today on Good Friday. They both looked very comfortable pulling the trigger.
  14. Saw the Royals fire a gun in Australia on Good

    They are visiting Sydney. And got to fire the starting guns at a demo on life rescue techniques. Both Got to do do it at Manly Beach
  15. Heading to Melbourne Australia

    Going on a 2 week business trip to Australia soon. What are must see and must do while in Melbourne. Have already located a few shops and ranges in the area. Not sure what the laws are. Will have to ask the local contacts once I am in town. Any good bring backs? Food wise, hard to find...
  16. Possible Verizon Wireles scam

    Just got an email saying that my credit card was rejected and need to update the account or my service was going to get canceled. I do not have verizon wireless. Or use the email account they used for my important stuff. Looked at the address and it was totally bogus. Becareful outhere...
  17. No background check to become a pot dealer

    Sounds fair. You want a firearm, a constitutionally rotected right, and you get short of a telescope up your rear end, you want to become a pot dealer, go ahead, no background check enforced.
  18. Oldie but goodie! Werner Mehl

    Was talking to my kids about bullets and what they do during impact. Showed them some ballistic gel videos and Came accross this video from a while back. Enjoy.
  19. Remington expanding not in NY, wonder why?
  20. Proud of my Tiger Scout

    Took my son to his field trip at the local Police Department recently with his Den. The officer took them around and the station, and during the tour he went over his utility belt. Every kid there tried to reach, point, at the officers service weapon. Not my son. When the officer asked what...
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