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  1. Illegal Data Release Massachusetts

    Yeah, and it looks like the serial numbers are gone now. The ID and expiration date issue still exists with the license and f2f transaction data though. They only fixed the dealer records.
  2. Illegal Data Release Massachusetts

    I doubt that; it would require effort. More likely it's an autogenerated database ID column from their licensing table.
  3. Illegal Data Release Massachusetts

    They will absolutely make this worse than it already is, and it's pretty f***ing bad right now. I expect they will make an effort to fully dox all the gun owners in the state, just like the dickheads in NY and CA have done already.
  4. Virginia police say 6-year-old student shot teacher at Newport News elementary school

    Yeah, wasn't he supposed to be a ginger, too?
  5. ATF Going Door to Door Confiscating Solvent Traps

    I lost all my mattresses in a boating accident.
  6. Gov. Maura Healey pledges to push for strong gun laws in Massachusetts

    Because then we have to have a discussion about all the wrongful and malicious prosecutions they committed as well. Looking at you Martha.
  7. ND, NB, Lakeville, Fall River dealer recommendations stocking Sig and HK

    I always forget about that guy, even though he has one of the most awesome shop names I've ever heard lol.
  8. ND, NB, Lakeville, Fall River dealer recommendations stocking Sig and HK

    Shooting Supply is pretty good. I've made the drive down there to buy some stuff from them before when I was working next to 128 in Needham.
  9. Breonna Taylor killed in her home by police home invasion?

    I really hate it when that happens. This is why I always check the trunk before I drive the car out of the lot. It's like checking for damage to the car first so you don't get dinged for it. [rofl]
  10. Maura and MSP?

    He's also been charged with having large capacity feeding devices, but those appear to be cripple mags....
  11. Trudeau lays down the hammer

    What the f*** difference would a waiting period have made? The piece of shit would just have waited another 3 or 5 or however many days to do it.
  12. Do you HAVE to allow an armed IRS agent in your house?

    Doesn't the IRS make you come to them for an audit? Do they actually come to you? Serious question, I've never had to deal with an audit.
  13. Good job Nashua---Nashua Democrat State Rep. Arrested Again, Accused Of Stalking

    Yeah. I've never met someone actually proud of being from Braddock in my life. Talk about a shithole. He did not improve it at all.
  14. Good job Nashua---Nashua Democrat State Rep. Arrested Again, Accused Of Stalking

    Apparently brain damage doesn't either.
  15. Strict gun laws on ballot for Oregon

    Yeah, that went totally sideways. We're all f***ed good and hard.
  16. Would like some pros & cons New Remington 1100 Autoloader Sporting Shotgun, 28 gauge

    This. Good luck finding 28 ga. And be prepared to part with a kidney or something to pay for it.
  17. CT governor wants "grandfather clause" eliminated and existing "assault weapons" confiscated

    NYSP are infamously the largest dickheads around. I went to college in Erie, PA, and the NY border was literally 5 miles away, so it was common to go into NY for things. I've literally witnessed six or eight cruisers pulled up in the median at the state line, and one peel off as we went past...
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