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  1. Holsters

    Who has the best pricing and selection on holster? Looking for shoulder and ankle style. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  2. How would you refinish a stainless steel revolver?

    I picked up a S&W model 63 and would like to have refinished. Mostly superficial scratches. Previous owner etched his initials on the side plate. Any suggestions
  3. Dillon precision distributors in MA?

    I have several large tubes just need a few extra small ones
  4. Dillon precision distributors in MA?

    Mostly small pickup tubes. On line they are $29.99 and 10.99 shipping. Just seemed like a lot for shipping.
  5. Dillon precision distributors in MA?

    Does anyone know of a shop that sells accessories for Dillon i.e. tool heads, pickup tubes etc. l know that KTP has some dies etc.
  6. Maine Gov signs bill into law

    I miss Lapage!
  7. Under ones direct control

    Is there anything written in the MGLs explaing this catch phrase? Is it an interpretation of the current laws by LE or the courts? Is it on your person? Within arms reach? What about in your home? It seems to me that it is a pit fall to be used against you if all else fails.
  8. Guns and Ammo 2018 Best States for gun owners.

    Yes. November issue of Gun and Ammo page 104
  9. Guns and Ammo 2018 Best States for gun owners.

    The Peoples Republic of Taxachusetts (drum roll please) 49th out of 51 jurisdictions because they included D.C.. I was quite surprised to find Maine at 29th but glad to see New Hampshire at 17th. Things that were considered were Right to Carry, castle doctrine, NFA firearms, and mag capacity...
  10. Doctors and the guns in the house question...

    Anything you tell your Dr. Goes onto your EMR electronic medical record. The records are available to interested parties i.e. Insurance companies, and with a court order or subpoenas anyone of the authorities.
  11. Long term pistol storage

    I bought the siliconized gun sock from the lgs plus a good coating of Rigs. Plus a promise to myself to be more diligent with checking them. (We'll see how that works out). What had actually happened was the desiccant container over flowed and spilled the condensate on to the top shelf of the...
  12. Long term pistol storage

    Thank for all your help and suggestions.
  13. Long term pistol storage

    I recently had a bad experience with my pistols stored at a remote location. This is totally my fault for not checking them for a while. However I am looking for suggestions on long term storage solutions. Any advice will be appreciated.
  14. Ankle holster yes,no,maybe?

    I have thinking about an ankle holster as a concealed carry option most likely a Shield. Any suggestions on a manufacturer. I bought a Taurusino custom ankle holster about fifteen years ago for a Colt Mustang it has served me well but not as comfortable as I was hoping for. It is all leather...
  15. Mitch McConnell Ignores National Reciprocity for 44 Consecutive Weeks

    My thoughts on national reciprocity is that Pols don't want it because they will loose control of the sheepeople. Especially in non gun friendly States like Ma. If you are fortunate enough to own a second home in a free state you could become a full time resident of that state apply for a CCW...
  16. 10mm

    Not really a big fan of the 10mm but: P220 Elite SAO G 20 G 29 2 Colt Delta one is a safe queen the other done over By Dave Santuri Who's kidding who I love the 10.
  17. Crossbreed I missing something?

    I have had very a good experience with Crossbread. Call them.
  18. Hypothetically: test fire at home

    I have a Detroit bullet trap that I purchased several years ago. According to the manufacturers instructions it will take any caliber up to two thousand feet per second at a minimum of twenty five feet.
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