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  1. 38 Mass Shootings This Year?

    Likely it’s anything where two people get hit. Hood rats, gangs, moonshiners, police shootings, self-defense, ricochets, etc. I’m sure they cast a very wide net to get the number.
  2. U.S. Weapons Industry Unprepared for a China Conflict, Report Says

    I hope they send uncut Chinese women. Those ones that have had plastic surgery are hideous.
  3. Black powder picture thread

  4. Illegal Data Release Massachusetts

    grunt-level LEOs are on this
  5. Henry releases a pcc in 9mm.

    I don’t hate it
  6. What did I pay back then?

    A brick of utility grade .22 was $10 for years from the eighties up until probably 2000
  7. Gov. Maura Healey pledges to push for strong gun laws in Massachusetts

    You’ll have to explain how her dribbling a basketball in Austria should alleviate concerns about her being a woke zealot spewing radical progressive dogma.
  8. “The arsenal that was stored in this home was staggering......"

    Nice addition to the usual arsenal/cache hyperbole “staggering”
  9. Prince Harry gives up £50K rifle collection and hunting 'to please Meghan Markle'

    He must’ve given up some junkers. This is the high end case at Purdey’s this past summer.
  10. Bolt action practice

    I practice to learn what load/bullet weight/case processing the gun does best with, how I group, what happens when it gets hot, what elevation to dial in, how my scope is performing (if applicable) and dozens of other things. Shooting a different rifle with a different set of parameters might...
  11. What is wrong with D&L in Warwick, R.I.

    Totally agree, it’s a frustrating place. For powder and primers, try Heritage just a few miles away. Prices are clearly marked there and the staff is more service-oriented. Heritage doesn’t have anywhere near the ammo stock though.
  12. New governor and attorney General

    shrew Love that
  13. MA Gun Registration

    Hard work by certain people who had cultivated good relationships with key legislators saved the day in 2013 during the last big push. Not sure we can do it again if another shitshow happens.
  14. Are musket balls legal to possess in MA without LTC?

    Don’t know what’s more ridiculous, the question or the $6.95 price of the musket ball!
  15. Spanking new to reloading:

    Scrap items like wheelweights (the old clip on type), linotype, lead pipe, pulled bullets, range lead, etc. Gotta look around. Been on the prowl for 40 years. It’s getting scarce but it’s still out there.
  16. Rumor or Inevitable? Healey Executive Order to eliminate the sale/transfer of AR Lowers.

    She’s a savage tyrant filled with loathing for people like us, don’t kid yourself, she is a true believer and wants us subjugated and groveling.
  17. Spanking new to reloading:

    For 12 ga., I cast a 0.690” lead ball. 40 grains Blue Dot, spacer wad, and roll crimp. It’s devastating to both target and shoulder.
  18. Fatal Shooting in Worcester by Westborough LTC holder

    This. Hell, these days, about 25% of the time the gas pump I choose doesn’t work, and most times the receipt paper is out.
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