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  1. Kids of yesteryear had the best toys!

    I still have a pristine set of "Jarts" in the box
  2. Oklahoma Cops Grant Pistol Brace Forebearance For Wannabe Female Larper

    Not familiar with the AR platform. It looks like it took her a couple minutes to figure out the charging handle.
  3. Taurus loves gun control.

    Yup, have had one for years and it is a great pistol. Double action or cocked and locked & a reversible mag release which I like. Also pre-ban magazines that are (or were, haven't bought any in years) cheap and plentiful.
  4. Looking for a club

    You steal targets from my club, we'll boot you out quicker than Hillary squashes opponents. Oh, steel targets? Ya, never mind. :D
  5. Schumer demands FTC investigation into ‘JR-15’ rifle marketed to kids: ‘Disgusting’

    Prompted by 2 shootings in CA. One by a 66 year old, and the other by a 72 year old. Yep logic checks out. :rolleyes:
  6. New MA AG/Sen. Moore proposing silencer ban update

    So sad. Mike has fallen a LONG way since I worked with him in local (Millbury) government. Such is the path of politicians. They get to the swamp and slowly become swamp creatures.
  7. Magazine-Fed Semi-Automatic Assault Pistol (Monterey Park Shooting)

    From the article; “It turns a semi-automatic firearm into, essentially, a machine gun,” explained Estevan. “So, instead of one round being discharged from a firearm with the single pull of the trigger, when the switch is installed onto a firearm, you’re looking at 1,200 rounds with the single...
  8. CT governor wants to ban open carry

    Absolutely nothing. It only means something in a press release.......:rolleyes: Anyone want to tell Loopey Lamont that firearms crimes are actually going down?
  9. Living without a refrigerator

    WE? :D Ya, we're in the same boat. 2 fridges and too much food. I try to eat the leftovers but don't always get to them.
  10. PSA To Make STG-44 Replicas In .556, .300 Blackout & 7.62x39

    Well, mine was manufactured by Auto Ordinance. :)
  11. PSA To Make STG-44 Replicas In .556, .300 Blackout & 7.62x39

    I like mine in .45 ACP as god intended.
  12. Mill ownership

    Address? For a "friend" of course.... ;)
  13. Cool gun nicknames

    Love the eclectic selection of ammo shown with two of them. :rolleyes:
  14. Nothing Good Comes Out of a .40

    Well, this is a .40 View: So............
  15. Henry releases a pcc in 9mm.

    Always liked the idea of the Marlin camp 9 and the Ruger .44 carbines. This could be popular.
  16. I think I need a 2a lawyer ,and would appreciate any suggestions.

    Not sure if that was me but it could have been. He is extremely intelligent and nice to deal with on a personal level, however he does not suffer fools lightly. He is on my phone as the #1 person to contact in any type of firearms/2A issue.
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