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  1. Steel Challenge - Harvard Sportsmen's Club 2014 Match schedule dates

    I left a folding stool in pit 4 at the steel challenge today at HSC. If anyone found it, please PM me. I was in "Point Blank" Frank's group. Thanks.
  2. Now available - Chinese 9mm Revolver

    Wondering "why"? To those still wondering "why", I received another link from the WSJ reporter - The revolver uses proprietary ammo based on 38 S&W (9x20R), not the usual 9x19. Apparently, the...
  3. Now available - Chinese 9mm Revolver

    I read an article that the Chinese police are now carrying 9mm revolver. I was sure it was a reporter who was confused between pistols and revolvers. To my surprise, he sent me these links:
  4. Anyone get a Fire permit for ammo storage in New Bedford?

    The exemption section of the CMR states the exempt quantities apply to items stored in a "building or other structure". Does that mean I can 1,000 primers in my house, another 1,000 in a detached garage, and 1,000 more in a shed as long as they are in a locked container? I'm not sure what "other...
  5. Any FFL in or near Cambridge MA for out of state transfer?

    I've used B&K in downtown Natick. It's a friendly shop and easy to get to.
  6. Guide to gun rights in your Massachusetts town

    Removal of restrictions in Newton Has anyone out there from Newton been able to get their restrictions removed? The issuing officer told me when I got my restricted LTC-A a few years ago that all 1st issued LTCs have T&H restrictions. I'm curious if anyone has managed to get them removed...
  7. Need advise on AR15 FTE issue

    I just got my 2H back from Stag. They reported they replaced the barrel (too tight), and polished the chamber. I think they replaced the bolt too. Worked flawlessly at the range this weekend.
  8. Need advise on AR15 FTE issue

    My new 2H is back at Stag as well. Same problem. I had a gunsmith check the headspace and he said it is fine. My spent casings have the same ring at the throat at yours. The smith though that the cartridge is contacting the rifling, which causes a FTE when the cartridge expands on firing. Dummy...

    Anyone willing to sponsor me? I've been to the club for a few IDPA matches and would like to join. If a member who can attend tonight is willing to sponsor me, I would really appreciated it. Please PM me if you are willing (and able). Thanks. 3/3 All set and a happy member. Thanks to...
  10. Walther P99QA or P99AS

    The AS trigger is DA/SA. It is called Anti-Stress (AS) because there are two SA pulls - long and short. The long pull SA pull is much easier than the DA pull and is supposed to reduce the change of and accidental discharge in a stress situation. The trigger will "Stick" in the short pull state...
  11. "ALP" is NOT an acceptable explanation?

    My understanding is that using a firearm in MA to protect property is unlawful, even for police. It is not a good idea to put that in your statement. I was advised by a police friend to avoid property protect as a reason in the statement or interview.
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