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  1. Kids of yesteryear had the best toys!

    I had a Johnny Eagle Magumba rifle with the genuine plastic ivory elephant on the stock. I even had (and don't judge me) a pith helmet to go with it.
  2. Henry releases a pcc in 9mm.

    I liked it...until I saw the price.
  3. What did I pay back then?

    I shoot a lot of .22. Years ago, when ammo was plentiful I made a habit of buying a box or two every time I was in Walmart. At one point I had over 15000 rounds on hand. When things got crazy I still had plenty without having to search around for it. I now have some open space on my .22 shelf...
  4. Got pulled over yesterday; first time while carrying.

    The amount of boot lickers here amazes me.
  5. Got pulled over yesterday; first time while carrying.

    Personally, I like to just roll out of the driver's seat onto the ground, lie on my back and wriggle like a submissive dog. If I do it right, sometimes I get a belly rub.
  6. New toy

    You should demand to speak with the manager.
  7. Picked up a new toy tonight

    Will you direct the video? I can see me doing it shirtless in slow motion while the wind blows back my long hair. Kinda like a Fabio book cover.
  8. Picked up a new toy tonight

    It was on sale at Grab-A-Gun for $349. There is also a rebate in the form of a credit for a future purchase in the amount of $100.
  9. Picked up a new toy tonight

    I'm not saying that there will never be one on it but I am saying you'll never see a picture of it. [wink]
  10. Picked up a new toy tonight

    It's a Rock Island Armory VRF14. This the gun that I asked about earlier concerning the ramifications of adding a foregrip. I was unable to find a definitive answer. Even the manual uses vague and ambiguous language such as "an additional pistol grip risks changing the NFA classification and may...
  11. Is this an AOW?

    I'm not in jail, the dog is still alive, and the gun won't even be delivered until Monday.
  12. Is this an AOW?

    That's what I thought but I have received differing opinions on this one.
  13. Is this an AOW?

    If you put a foregrip on a RIA VRF14 does it become an AOW?
  14. Looking for holster recommendation

    Thanks. This is the model that wifey is putting under the tree for me. It's the Talo edition.
  15. Looking for holster recommendation

    I'm looking for an IWB holster for a Taurus Defender 856 3". Must be leather and available in a LH model. Thanks.
  16. Boston globe Mill article

    That is absolutely f'ing brilliant.
  17. In

    The bathroom window
  18. Talk to me about skydiving in MA or NH

    Do you know why women don't skydive naked? They whistle.
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