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  1. Harvard Sportsmen's Club

    Thanks, I'll read the suggestions on the previous page
  2. Harvard Sportsmen's Club

    I've been to Harvard a number of times in the past for things like Appleseed shoots, shooting with friends who were members, etc. Right now I'm looking for a new club - is Harvard open to new members, and if so is attending the Sunday breakfast still the way to get started? All the guys I knew...
  3. Service / carry pistols?

    Sometimes you just have to have your finger on the pulse to know which way things are trending. I could see .40 going south years ago and offloaded all my pistols, the carbine - and all the ammo to the .40 fap crowd years ago.
  4. Service / carry pistols?

    Geezus - you drive a Prius too? If I had known that I never would been so nice to you in the past!
  5. When coyotes attack

    That father has a bad case of fag hand. If he's gonna use a board - at least wield it with some authority.
  6. 21 killed, 18 injured in shooting at elementary school in Uvalde, Texas

    They're suing themselves. Who the hell do they think is going to pay the judgement if they win?
  7. New England, prepare for rolling blackouts this winter...

    Find an airport that allows the public to access their gas pumps - and buy gas with no ethanol pollution in it. I go to the North Hampton NH airport. Used to be that the airport gas was priced quite a bit higher than "regular" automotive gas with the ethanol crap in it. Filling up my jugs a...
  8. New England, prepare for rolling blackouts this winter...

    The greenies are definitely just a bunch of phucking morons. To me the real indicator of that isn't that they want everybody dead, because thst doesn't necessarily mean they're stupid... it just means they're evil. The stupid test comes in when you look at what they've done in places like...
  9. New England, prepare for rolling blackouts this winter...

    The Green New Dealers' are just a bunch of commies trying to destroy everything (as usual): The Communism-in-Drag Game Plan Thomas DiLorenzo Years ago my...
  10. Boston globe Mill article

    Because if they didn't have that they'd have nothing.
  11. Boston globe Mill article

    So I'm still going to say then - that the simplistic statement "5000 transactions" doesn't really mean anything. I used a vendor at The Mill to do the transfer when I sold an Uzi out of state. So - since those transactions aren't broken down you could just as easily make the claim that they...
  12. Boston globe Mill article

    Ok first I'm going to point out that it's been a few days since I read the article so don't recall verbatim exactly what the wording was in relation to the 5000 firearm transactions assertion. But, it seems a little odd that it's a nice round number - without any reference as to what the actual...
  13. Boston globe Mill article

    Please stop....your making me all tingly in my dingly (sorry been reading the kid a lot of Winnie the Pooh lately)
  14. Boston globe Mill article

    LOL Yeah..exactly. Put BLM signs and LGBTQRST flags all around the place and a sign outside that reads: "Recently endorsed by the Boston Globe as the best single location in the entire country to go buy a gun!"
  15. Boston globe Mill article

    Well yeah, that's pretty much my point - she makes it clear from her profile that she has an agenda. If hers and the Globe's happen to run on the same path - so much the better for the both of them. That's why they're often referred to as fellow travelers.
  16. Boston globe Mill article

    Unless she is a typical 300 pound liberal Karen , and walking distance is defined as about 300 yards ....the term "walking distance " could mean 5 miles. So in other words... it means nothing.
  17. Boston globe Mill article

    You know for sure she didnt originally pursue this on her own and then sold it to management when she thought she had something? Again, look at her profile - she sure seems to be trying really hard to portray herself as some sort of warrior for justice or some crap like that. Ever seen that...
  18. Boston globe Mill article

    Yeah but - I was talking about the reporter. Just reading thru her profile and her claimed "accomplishments" - combined with some experience with these leftie types should be enough to give a reasonably good idea of where her head was at when she went down the path of writing this story.
  19. Boston globe Mill article

    Not sure why? Read post #249 by @Tartakovsky - it's pretty plainly apparent: She thinks she's some kind of liberal warrior for truth and justice or some shit like that. And somehow the Mill got into her sites. Probably because - as a leftie - she hates guns. So the Mill is a big target...
  20. Boston globe Mill article

    Based on my admittedly limited experience with "reporters" - I would give this at least a 50% chance of being true. Making shit up, tactically extracting words from a conversation to come up with a "quote", mis-quoting what you said on purpose because it suits their purpose - all of these...
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