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  1. Get Home Bag

  2. Get Home Bag

  3. Get Home Bag

    Don't forget a back pocket hanky or a couple tissues tucked into your long sleeves. No, no, I've got it!
  4. Get Home Bag

    OK, what goes in it? This is considering a half a day to cover what normally takes a half hour by car, throw in extra time if roads are closed. From the above, here's what I stole/pulled out of my butt: first aid kit (bandaids, neosporin, butterfly stitches, antiseptic, peroxide...
  5. Get Home Bag

    better: better still:
  6. Gold and silver prices are down

    Buy 1795-P Colombia Gold 8 Escudo Charles IV XF-45 NGC | APMEX Maybe they should come out with a new minting of that coin. Do one in silver, and one in gold. They've done it with other ones.
  7. First Aid Kit upgrade

    Something new instead of needle and thread stitches: View:
  8. Off Grid Solar - learning more from DIY users

  9. Gold and silver prices are down

    Hey, slow down hotshots. :-) Can you guys dumb this down for people who are not as up to snuff on their stock trading lingo? Thank you.
  10. Gold and silver prices are down

    Higher up in this thread.
  11. Gold and silver prices are down

    I only see the one price. It does not specify "SPOT" or otherwise.
  12. Gold and silver prices are down

    Looks like 22.929 to me, not 17.
  13. Gold and silver prices are down

    Are there any good price tracking or price predicting pages? You know, charts/graphs, but simple and straightforward. Thanks.
  14. Gold and silver prices are down

    We were talking with our tax guy once about what makes more sense about putting my inlaws' house into our name to protect from nursing home versus the increase in tax. He said I can't really know what to tell you, unless you can tell me when they are going to die. So true.
  15. Gold and silver prices are down

    So, in other words, "buy the dip"? 😄
  16. Gold and silver prices are down

    Better to buy junk silver, or stuff like the above for: 1) inflation 2) "bad things happening in the world" or 3) both? If the above, are any certain "rounds" more "legit" than others?
  17. Spring foraging walk 6/11/22

  18. Solar panel , PV , question

    You know what ever you choose won't be enough. I'd say go to 1500 or 2500 right off the bat, considering you mentioned a "fridge"? Also, when I read "pole mount" first thing comes to mind is "tree falls on pole" or something else happening. I'd just make a sturdy cinder block or concrete base...
  19. Prep of The Day Thread

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