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  1. Hand Loading Kit?

    I used to load 300 win mag w/ Lee loader back in the 70's. You won't set any speed records but it will get the job done and save a few bucks. Buy in is a bit more today.
  2. Large Pistol magnum match primers

    Sorry I guess I didn't read well enough. Still curious about the answer to my question.
  3. Large Pistol magnum match primers

    Well what about the difference between magnum and regular Jim is there a minute bit more of whatever they use for explosive or where do they draw that line, thanks for sharing.
  4. Large Pistol magnum match primers

    I have never bought a magnum primer. Loaded 300 win mag, 500,44 and 357, never used a mag primer.
  5. Starline Giveaway

    Thank you done
  6. More free tables/ benches

    Yes it is, Thanks Dan
  7. Where to get powder and primers

    Bullseye in Woonsocket R I, he had quite a bit last I was in there about 6 weeks ago.
  8. Need a reloading top ?

    I'll be back if you have no other interest.
  9. Need a reloading top ?

    Thanks for this Dan, it will all be put to good use.
  10. 1st loading nerves

    I started out reloading over 40 years ago with a Lee Loader for 300 Win Mag. No case trimming, OAL or finesse. Read the Sierra and Speer manuals and tried to be consistent and diligent. I did use a scale not the dipper but you are seating primers with a whack from a hammer. Pay attention, go...
  11. Old Reloading Manuals - Free to good home

    Thank you for this. Great reading, lots of historic data and loads you can't find easily today, including a bunch for the 45-90 I was looking for. Nice guy, Merry Christmas
  12. Stores with powder in Mass?

    Bullseye in Woonsocket has a large variety of powder, bullets vary and brass is spotty.
  13. Deal on led shop lights

  14. Best place to buy powder in Mass

    Bullseye in beautiful Woonsocket usually has a good selection of 1lb containers. They are right on Park Ave, easy to get to off 146 and a lot closer than Westport I would try them first.
  15. Loading the .54 Burnside

    Great pics thanks for sharing. I haven't reloaded in a while but everytime I read one of your threads it makes me think about starting up. Have fun Be safe.
  16. Reloading Supplies near MetroWest MA

    Bullseye in Woonsocket is usually well supplied. Natick outdoor store used to have limited supplies. First Defense in Uxbridge has some things.
  17. Help with Hornady AP LNL press

    I think you will find the issue with #2 is a firm consistent stroke, either the pawls are adjusted properly or not. If they work then leave them alone and they are easy to f&$k up and ruin something as well. Lube the detent in the plate and make full consistent strokes you will be fine JM2C
  18. Plumber's Lead (300 lbs worth)

    I travel from dover area to woonsocket milford uxbridge daily will be glad to move it along if that helps
  19. any one reload for 45-90 smokeless ? any one use filllers?
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