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  1. Repubican President Abraham Lincoln now a Democrat

    The Republic's first RINO. I approve of the Progressives adopting him as their own and calling him as he really was. Of course, the label Democrat is kind of mis-leading, as back then the Democratic party wasn't what it is today. I'd be more happy if they re-labeled him as "Statist", but...
  2. Monadnock Rod and Gun Club - Peterborough/Jaffrey, NH

    My check will be in the mail with the application tomorrow.
  3. Looking for some help from someone near S.NH / MA border that travels...

    Good god, people actually shop at places other than Amazon still? Plano 108421 Gun Guard AW Tactical Case 42-Inch: Sports & Outdoors I know it's not the Walmart price, but they have it.
  4. waaf's spaz equates gun owners to....

    I stopped listening to WAAF about the same time I quit calling other grown men "dude".
  5. Think before you post.

    There you go. That's all I need to know myself.
  6. 9mm brass

    I just pick mine up for free at the range, as it's the most common spent casing to be found, along with 45 ACP.
  7. What animal made this poo?

    In before someone posts the Doobie ASCII animal tracks.
  8. lost magazine while working

    I probably wouldn't have posted it on here to create a "paper trail" if mass hysteria does ensue, but that's just me.
  9. Hornady items are impossible to find.......

    That's the drawback of getting the Best. If you need it now!, due to less demand, then go Dillon..... [troll]
  10. Obama is "willing to bet"

    I'm willing to bet gun and ammo sales are going to hit a new record. Swyped from my Droid X
  11. TX - Homeowner Shoots Car Burglar 7 Times

    Needs more range time if he shot the POS 7 times and he's still alive.
  12. Polish M91/30 - And I'm Not Kidding! (pics)

    Totally awesome!
  13. fisher cat road kill

    They make really good items to keep lots and lots of worms in one place, too!
  14. Fitchburg COP is an Anti!! *UPDATE* Post #42

    Sentinel & Enterprise -- the hallmark of the No "Journalist" Left Behind Program.
  15. MA - Farmer Shoots & Kills Neighbor's Dog Running Loose

    Tough shit then. Play stupid let your dog run loose games, win doggy wormfood prizes.
  16. MA - Farmer Shoots & Kills Neighbor's Dog Running Loose

    Is there a leash law in that town? I would imagine not if the owner thinks he can press charges. If there is, tough shit.
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