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  1. Is hunting legal? Resident looks to stop bow hunting within Worcester city limits

    I thought I heard once that you can't shoot a firearm in the city, nothing to do with hunting, or ALSO including hunting I should say. That might make sense, since this is now targeting bow hunting.
  2. Is hunting legal? Resident looks to stop bow hunting within Worcester city limits

    The council is expected discuss the proposed ordinance at its meeting Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m.
  3. Hunting season changes for 2023

    Only skimmed the 2023 abstracts so far, so I missed that. That is great news. The state actually SIMPLIFIED SOMETHING? What's next, lowering costs?
  4. NH deer with pistol caliber carbines

    I thought it also or mostly had to do with length. Thanks for the "teaching moment". ;-)
  5. NH deer with pistol caliber carbines

    I don't know why, but I just like the way the stock curves here, and the hardwood stock that will take a beating, along with the rest of the gun. Wish like heck they would bring these back. The Ruger 96/44...
  6. NH deer with pistol caliber carbines

    Silly question: Who makes a .44 Magnum or .45 Long Colt carbine in lever or auto (or pump too, I guess) now? I'm guessing Henry maybe, but not sure if a carbine or rifle. Does Ruger still make one?
  7. NH deer with pistol caliber carbines

    Wish they came back out with the Deerfield Carbine, in .357 Magnum, semi-auto AND leve. Even better, in "takedown" versions!
  8. NH deer with pistol caliber carbines

    Wasn't it actually called the "Deerfield Carbine"? Oh, and [pics] Are there any states that require ANYONE in the woods during hunting season wear safety orange? Also, I know some states started allowing safety pink as well, for girls. Do any states do the safety yellow/green? Do any of the...
  9. Mass hunter found dead

    I had water start to freeze, and even cold water kind of sucks when it is cold out. A nice thermos of coffee or hot chocolate is nice. An apple or bagel, or fig newtons are pretty good and not too messy.
  10. Mass hunter found dead

    I used to have the green wool Woolrich pants. Now I'm wondering if I should get some again. Those always were the warmest. Some of the other posts mentioned bringing various things with such as food, water, fire starter. I imagine all this adds up, and you'd need a backpack to carry it all...
  11. When coyotes attack

  12. Trail camera thread. Post ur trail camera photos.

    I wonder what that battle scar is about.
  13. WTF??? Here you go, Carl. Send this back to your "friend".
  14. WTF???

    I guess it depends how it "identifies". Can that work the other way also? Shoot an anterless and tell the ranger it identifies as a male? What did the checkin station say?
  15. When coyotes attack

    Nice! Where? Those will make some nice pelt$.
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