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  1. ATF eForm 1 mega thread. Process and approvals!

    There's generally no need for your gun trust to reference or recognize another existing trust. Similarly, there's generally no need for your existing trusts to be modified to reference or recognize your existing trusts. I use the word "generally", because it's always possible, but I've never...
  2. NFA Trust with Beneficiaries in Two States?

    Yes, that is fine. But the scenario implies that the two settlors (the people who are setting up the trust) may have conflicting interests. You'll want to discuss this with your gun trust lawyer to avoid complications down the road.
  3. good new england nfa dealers?

    Here's a list I compiled of Maine NFA dealers. I hope to prepare one for New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont at some point.
  4. Elizabeth Warren Pledges ‘Executive Action in Every Corner’ for Gun Control

  5. where to buy suppressors in maine

    I've been working on compiling a list of Maine NFA dealers for a while. I just finished tonight. Here it is: Maine SOT / Class 3 Dealers: Buy Silencers & NFA Items - Red Dog Legal
  6. NFA e-file Form 1 experience

    You could also remove the other responsible persons (trustees, settlors, possibly others depending on how your trust was drafted) from the trust by amending it. For those that worked with me to form your gun trust, forms for adding and removing trustees were included with your trust package.
  7. good new england nfa dealers?

    I'm in the process of compiling a list for my website. In the meantime, here's a link for Northern Maine Tactical, a dealer that specializes in machine guns: New Page 1
  8. transfering firearms into a gun trust in MASS?

    Hi Bill. I realize this is an old post, but in case you (or others) are still wondering, in order to assign your interest in firearms you own personally to your gun trust, you'll want to use either an assignment page or update your schedule of assets for the trust, depending on what approach...
  9. Seeking Attorney with focus on Estate Planning, Elder Law, etc.

    @Asaltweapon: I sent you a PM.
  10. Seeking Attorney with focus on Estate Planning, Elder Law, etc.

    As far as estate planning specialists are concerned, consider reaching out to Denise McCarthy at Cody, Cody and McCarthy. They have an office in Newton (that's almost Metrowest, right?) Home - Cody, Cody & McCarthy, LLC Also, I see that @eboos has an office in Worcester. I haven't had the...
  11. NFA trust - Mass and New Hampshire - Supressor

    Yes, you could acquire an NFA item while in your second state of residence (whether or not you use a gun trust). See Instruction # 2 to Form 4473.
  12. Trust changes

    For most NFA trusts, you could accomplish this with a short (likely one page) amendment, swapping out or adding the new trustee. Your trust hopefully includes a specific provision on amendments and what's required for one. That would be a starting point, or you could have a lawyer do it for you.
  13. NFA Trusts

    Feel free to PM me with any specific questions.
  14. Help understanding gun trust confusion (for non NFA guns).

    Sorry I'm just seeing this now. All firearms may be held by my trusts, thereby avoiding probate. Others' trusts may differ, however. Please send me a PM if you have additional questions.
  15. Nfa trust

    Feel free to send me a PM with any questions. I'm happy to discuss over the phone as well.
  16. Help understanding gun trust confusion (for non NFA guns).

    Is there any benefit to having a gun trust in MA if there are no NFA items involved? If so, what are they? The primary benefits of using a gun trust for non-NFA firearms are estate and succession planning. How do you put your current (non NFA) firearms into the Trust? It depends on how the...
  17. SBRs and the new assault weapon ban

    Unfortunately, what is specifically excluded in the definition is a weapon that is "constructed in a shape that does not resemble a short-barreled rifle", and not an actual "short-barreled rifle", which has all of the other characteristics of a "firearm" under the statute. (The fact that...
  18. Recco Request: Gun Friendly Bank for Business Accounts

    My clients have had positive things to say about TD Bank when setting up bank accounts for their NFA trusts. I can't say whether TD Bank would be a good choice for a firearms related business, however. My suggestion would be to avoid BOA.
  19. 41F trust grandfathering opinions

    Here's a useful overview of 41F:
  20. Filing NFA Trust

    The execution instructions and user guide provides all of the essential information, but you may send me a PM if you have specific questions. I'd say 50% or less of my clients assign all their firearms to the trust. It all depends on your situation and goals. If you have a will, the benefit...
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