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  1. School me on Lever Actions (please?)

    Now one of my LGS has a 450 Marlin for sale, If they're still around next week end when I can finally get out one of those 444's or that 450 is coming home with me me thinks.
  2. School me on Lever Actions (please?)

    Two shops in my area have Marlin 336's in 444 Marlin, I don't need another near obsolete cartridge to load for but I don't think I'll be able to hold out for long. Those triple fours are calling to me!
  3. SA M1A series rifles?

    Armscorp...that's the one I couldn't remember
  4. SA M1A series rifles?

    Didn't Norinco make these at one point? Federal Ordnance too? Sorry a little deviation but its a good topic.
  5. SA M1A series rifles?

    Bingo, yea, yea I know the old forged versus cast and I get it but for not much more than an SA you could get a forged receiver, thats the way I would go. Several years back JRA was making M14/M1a's with forged receivers, op-rods and such. I wish I would have grabbed one back then, I handled one...
  6. SA M1A series rifles?

    There are other options for M1A's besides SA, Bula Defense comes to mind, LRB, Smith Enterprises, Fulton. If I was going to go back to the M1A family I probably would probably buck up the cash and go with one of those.
  7. Volquartsen PC Carbine Parts?

    I only have a couple hundred rounds thru the gun with that trigger group installed but it's been 100%, hope your buddy's is just an isolated thing.
  8. Volquartsen PC Carbine Parts?

    I bought the trigger group for mine, but that was last year. Last time I checked their website which was last week they had nothing for the PC Carbine. Brownells still had the trigger group listed on their site however but not sure about other PC carbine products from Volquartsen
  9. Ruger 1911 Commander .45 lightweight. Any experience?

    I got the 9mm version, it's been 100% reliable after at least 2k rounds.
  10. Need some guidance from the 1911 experts

    Put another 250 trouble free rounds Friday, mix of JHP and FMJ.
  11. Affordable 1911s that aren't trash

    Yup, I had another post in the "firearms" thread on it but yea 9mm/4.25", they had to re-cut the feed ramp and open up the chamber a tad and tune the extractor. It seems to be ok now but I gotta put more rounds thru it.
  12. Affordable 1911s that aren't trash

    I was very disappointed with the Emissary I recently got however SA customer service was good and they got it back to me quickly and it seems to be ok now but I only put 150 rounds thru it since I got it back, and this was a $1200+ gun
  13. Affordable 1911s that aren't trash

    How bout the Sig 1911's? I've haven't owned one of those, how are they. I would say they are in the "reasonably priced" category. I've heard they won't fit properly in a 1911 holster?
  14. Affordable 1911s that aren't trash

    Speaking for Myself, no other hand gun feels more natural and points better in my hand than a 1911, only other pistol that comes close is a Sig 220/226. I feel the same way about an AK, I'm not a fan but when I shoulder an AK it feels like it belongs there, length of pull is perfect and comes...
  15. Affordable 1911s that aren't trash

    I have an RI 10mm, had a lot of trouble with it at first, sent it back to them and they just sent me another pistol that has been 100% so far with 500-1k rounds, their customer service is great. Kimber target 2 10mm, not a lot of rounds down this one but the insert for the front site came out...
  16. Need some guidance from the 1911 experts

    Took the Emissary out to the range for a quickie, fired a couple hundred rounds of different brands of FMJ and a few mags JHP's without a hiccup. I'm grateful that SA took care of this so quicky but maybe if the QC was a bit better it never would have had to gone back in the first place. But...
  17. Need some guidance from the 1911 experts

    From SA today: Good morning, Our techs recut & polished the barrel ramp, reamed the chamber and tuned the extractor. The pistol was tested and is good to go. Processing and shipping Thursday or Friday. Destiny K | Customer Service Team Springfield 420 West Main Street Geneseo, IL 61254
  18. Need some guidance from the 1911 experts

    I got excited, I saw an email for SA in my inbox, figured it was the "your gun is coming home" email but no.....a f***ing advertisement!!!!
  19. Need some guidance from the 1911 experts

    She's on her way back to Geneseo.
  20. Need some guidance from the 1911 experts

    SA said to ship it back so they sent me a fedex label. I'll take up to Raynham tomorrow and send it on its way.
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