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  1. save your pennies Mass. hunters...

    I would stop hunting. Period.
  2. Deer Down

    Had 3 Doe getting chased by a buck 40+yards in front of my tree stand. No possible shot. Just sat and watched.
  3. Sudbury Deer Hunt 2020

    Thank you! Good luck.
  4. Sudbury Deer Hunt 2020

    I got a permit last year and hunted the DWSP properties. Been keeping an eye for last minute info also .
  5. MASS: Doe Permits Out

    Spoke with mass wildlife staff. Expected to be up by sometime tomorrow Friday.
  6. Buck head butts hunter

    I must be unfriendly. The never come to visit that close. But then after playing with a buck that way. I could not shoot "Billy" lol.
  7. 2017/18 Hunting Thread!!

    Just let a 1 1/2 year old buck a lease on life. 17yrds in front of me taking a dump full broad side. His friend a 3yr old buck 8 pointer watched 40 yards out. Waited but never got closer. No biggie. Plenty of deer. If it was Muzzle loader season,he would have been a deer in the fridge.
  8. Ticks, ticks, ticks...

    Took the dog to the woods, he looked like a semi truck on the way to England from Calais, France....full of hitchhikers. Had five or six per leg. And a few on his body. He takes a pill for ticks And has been vaccinated for lime disease. ****ers are crazy this year. Had at least five crawling...
  9. Ticks, ticks, ticks...

    Pickup one off my pup and one crawling up my neck. Both were deer ticks. fkRS!
  10. Do you need a long range rifle?

    Long range, short range, medium range, for the bathroom, bedroom, backyard, kitchen, car, want them all. Need or necessity is irrelevant.
  11. 2016 Hunting Thread

    Good deal. Nice Job
  12. 2016 Hunting Thread

    Nice. Where do you go Hog hunting down south if you do not mind me asking?
  13. Aging your meat? if you were to build a structure that could hold one or two deer and run an AC unit and a small fan to move the air efficiently(not fast but circulating) with baffles to control temp, this could also work on days when nature is not cooperating Right? Also keep bugs from...
  14. Hunting Feral Hogs -

    Hog hunting sounds like fun.
  15. Groundhogs

    Take them with a bow. Up the challenge.
  16. Has anyone started fishing yet?

    Went out last week with the kids. We came back empty handed. We usually, or at least the kids catch some. Not this time. Few nibbles, no action.
  17. Children's Fishing Rods?

    Take your wife or an assistant to help out, and do not bother trying to fish yourself. They will want to cast themselves. You may want to go away from the rest of the crowd, and get ready to do a lot of untangling of lines. I taught my son and daughter how to cast when they were 5'ish with a...
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