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  1. Tinnitus

    It's never too late
  2. Tinnitus

    The disability payment from the Va has nothing to do with what your pay grade was. There is a table that is periodically updated with rates from 10% to 100%, same rate for an E1 or an O9.
  3. My boy earned his Green Beret this week.

    Congratulations to you and your wife for doing a great job and your son for his conviction and commitment, may he stay safe and badass. wherever his job takes him.
  4. Vietnam MIA Statistics

    From in front of the Providence VA hospital this morning.
  5. Covid-19 Vacinne

    For those of you that are enrolled in the VA healthcare system and want a vacinne. The VA has been saying"you will be called/texted when the vacinne becomes available and you are eligible, don't call us" I was unaware but they have a signup list, I put my name on it on Wednesday this past week...
  6. Just moved back to MA, sharing some helpful info for Vets.

    Massachusetts has several bonuses honoring veterans for a variety of different service criteria. You can start here. Every town in Massachusetts is required to have a veterans service officer helping veterans with any needs they have (some...
  7. Hanging up the uniform

    Thanks for your service
  8. MIL buyback

    I just got my # back after about a 8 week wait, Worcester County Retirement. They want 17K for 4 yrs, it only cost me $2300 for 2.5 years of municipal time. I don't understand the big difference. I don't think it will be worth it for me.
  9. No way VA

    As a veterans service officer and rated I am well aware, the point is none of that was promised, or guaranteed when you signed up. The Va is not perfect but it has come a long way.
  10. No way VA

    I served 4+ years in the 70's. I was never promised anything beyond my service except 10 years for the GI bill which I didn't use. To my knowledge no one was promised medical care beyond your enlistment unless it was for a service related issue. Personally after smoking for 30 years and having...
  11. Veteran on my license

    Home Depots policy is active duty, retired or service connected disability, not just veteran
  12. gone Ignore this thread

    It would seem you have a problem not me. I return all calls. I just tried to bring to light there is more to the other side of the story. I thought for a moment the veterans area was a place to escape the typical NES flame job, clearly I was wrong about that. I would have stored them at our...
  13. Veteran on my license

    You forgot to mention it goes to the Holyoke and Chelsea veterans homes.
  14. gone Ignore this thread

    Many VSO's haven't enough time in the day to service existing and new clients with a wide variety of needs. Some of us receive no pay. While the offer was indeed generous it may have been impracticle or impossible. I have no office or place to store the flags I put on graves on Memorial day...
  15. gone Ignore this thread

    Good for you!
  16. gone Ignore this thread

    Call your towns veterans service officer and offer them to him/her. If they don't have a vet in need they will put it out to email and let others know.
  17. Where to start re: VA Medical benefits.

    Massachusetts is the only state in the US offering Veterans benefits and a VSO in every community. I would strongly recommend you use a VSO (American Legion, VFW, DAV,AMVets, etc.) to file any and all paperwork and never respond to the VA without speaking to them first. The computers send out...
  18. Where to start re: VA Medical benefits.

    He is in NH there are no town VSO's in NH
  19. Where to start re: VA Medical benefits.

    Once you are in the system you are in for life wether you use it or not. I would follow the above advice and start now it took me months to get my initial visit and there are several tests and pre initial appointments. I am era as well and sometimes this makes a difference at the state level as...
  20. Veterans Housing Initiative

    Habitat for Humanities and the Veterans Housing Initiative currently have two houses being built for a veteran family. There is also repair work available for critical areas like ramps and handicap access. Please check the link.
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