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  1. Gun Safes

    Wait until Black Friday and shop at Dicks Sporting Goods. Crazy deals on quality good sized safes. Especially if you said $600. It works out perfect. Its all you need.
  2. Laser Clay Shooting System 1973

    My Co-worker told me he used to play this as a kid and still has it in his parents basement. Anybody ever play it?
  3. April 3rd Skeet Shoot at Massapoag in Sharon, MA

    Disregard above comment! Haha. The shoot tomorrow at Massapoag is canceled.
  4. April 3rd Skeet Shoot at Massapoag in Sharon, MA

    Real New England shooters shoot in all weather and brave the elements! It's more sporting. Just saying. Haha
  5. April 3rd Skeet Shoot at Massapoag in Sharon, MA

    This is this weekend on Sunday! See the info above and call or email Lynn Howard! Here's the clubs website. The Clubs Facebook Page:
  6. April 3rd Skeet Shoot at Massapoag in Sharon, MA

    April 3, 2016 SundayMassapoag Sportsmen'sClubClub Phone - (781) 784-5856 Address - 86 Belcher St. Sharon, MA 02067SundayEvent 1 - 100 12 GA targetsEvent 2 - 100 20 GA targetsEntry Fees$52.00 per event$39.00 for TARGETS ONLY (Any Gauge) - No Awards<>$10.00 for High Over All on 200 targetsOptional...
  7. Video: Keanu Reeves shooting

    Johnny Utah is a Badass!
  8. And Now You Know!

    I did a quick google of this before posting and some stuff like it came up. My bad if its wrong but I thought it was interesting. Why the hell is it called a shot then?
  9. And Now You Know!

  10. Just Got A Caldwell Lead Sled Solo

    A friend of mine just gave me a Caldwell Lead Sled Solo shooting rest. For Free! I can't wait to sight / Zero my rifles in on this thing. I will get back with some feedback but until then let me know what you think of them and any tips or tricks you may know how to make it better. I own 25lb...
  11. Shooting on Cape Cod

    Drive to a club and walk right in. If they have shotgun open to the public thats a good way to meet members and get an in.
  12. Where to get my S&W MP Shield 9MM Trigger Pull modified

    Order the APEX trigger kit online. When it comes in the mail install it yourself using the videos provided online by APEX.
  13. New gun owner looking for club in Northeastern Mass

    I'm not from up that way but I heard Danvers Gun Club is great and has a ton of different gun sports.
  14. Average Ammo Count per Range Trip?

    This is insane! Has anyone ever challenged this? If not someone should.
  15. Walpole Sportsman's Association Website

    I was here for the sporting clays shoot last week and noticed something going on with the pistol/rifle range. What are they doing to it? I am always so close to joining this club if it wasnt for the bad skeet field and my loyalty to my current club. The five stand and all around feel to this...
  16. Next Step Up From M&P Sport?

    There's nothing wrong with the M&P! Back in the day these style guns never had forward assists or dust covers. You can still assist it forward easily enough with the scallop in the M&P and unless you plan on crawling around some desert here in the northeast then you shouldn't need a dust cover...
  17. Whats a Good North of Boston All Around Club?

    Im looking for a good all around club north of Boston. Not way out on the NH border but more if I live in the North Shore area or a little inward. I shoot a lot of shotgun (mainly skeet and sc/five stand) but also enjoy rifles, pistols and a little archery. Any advice is appreciated.
  18. List of clubs offering shotgun sports?

    Massapoag Sportsmens club in Sharon MA on the Canton border. Skeet and trap.
  19. AR-15 Scope recommendation

    Vortex Strikefire2
  20. Glare Around Red Dot Optic

    Ill mess around with it a bit more. I have perfect vision so no astigmatism here. I am just wondering if anyon has had this happen to them. As I mentioned this is my first red dot. It also has green dot but I like the red.
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