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  1. 2021 NES Bullet Casting Seminar Feeler?

    Any dates yet?
  2. 2021 NES Bullet Casting Seminar Feeler?

    In, interested. Spring time sounds good.
  3. First press, new reloader

    Take the Basic Metallic Cartridge Reloading with Jim Finnerty. Lots of info and great source to go to with questions.
  4. How about a thread about companies that wont ship to MA

    How about we do not. Do you know how many trolls frequent our site. You will figure out who does.
  5. Plumber's Lead (300 lbs worth)

    Just did a we search. Probably under $.50 per pound. My guess is $0.40 or so.
  6. Is this linotype?

    Those look like letters for an old printing press. My uncle had a print shop when I was a kid. He had tons of trays with letters of all sort of fonts and sizes. They had to set up special trays with pressure clamps to set up the letters with the text. That is why they are all backwards. I...
  7. Eddie Coyle's reloading class

    Love to take the one day class in the future.
  8. Reloading .223

  9. I made a couple of reloading videos

  10. Where to buy 223/556 supplies in MA?

    I am curious to know where do you buy your AR15 .223 /5.56 supplies here in the great "Zombie Land of MA" Do you order online? Do online distributors/retailers shy away from shipping to MA also? Thank you for your input.
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