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  1. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Loaded some cast bullets in 32 Remington. A dozen each with IMR 4198, AA 5744 and 2400. Now if sonny boy can figure out how to get the bolt back into the model 14, we'll find out what the old rifle likes best. edit. Shot the loads this afternoon. (Sunday) The 2400 shot well, the 4198 shot lousy...
  2. safe public range recommendations in MA?

    Harvard is very large and probably has more ranges than anyone else around but you need a sponsor who actually knows you.
  3. Schumer demands FTC investigation into ‘JR-15’ rifle marketed to kids: ‘Disgusting’

    Weren't the Cricket and Rascal .22 rifles sized for kids? Aren't there lots of youth models of larger guns?
  4. New MA AG/Sen. Moore proposing silencer ban update

    This guy Moore is a strong supporter of gun rights and he wants to make suppressors even more illegal than they already are? Thanks Mike but we don't need your help.
  5. New MA AG/Sen. Moore proposing silencer ban update

    I don't understand how you make something more illegal than it already is. In a state where loud music or a loud exhaust will get you a visit by the police, you're not required or even allowed to make guns quieter.
  6. Dog fatally shoots Kansas hunter in freak accident

    The dog stepped on a rifle? What was he hunting that uses both a dog and a rifle? Was he bird hunting and the rifle was really a shotgun?
  7. Safe got soaked and destroyed a lot of ammo. How do I get rid of it?

    I'd try shooting it,but if you're determined to get rid of it, give it to one or more reloaders.
  8. Harvard Sportsmen's Club

    I didn't put them in the back because someone would have to hit about 2 feet high to hit a screw. It didn't occur to me that someone could do that by accident
  9. Harvard Sportsmen's Club

    I'm not a shotgun shooter but if you can do it and stay within the wetlands nonsense I say go for it.
  10. Harvard Sportsmen's Club

    I put a few screws in the face of the tie to hang things from. The ones on each end are in about a foot to avoid hitting the posts. If you're that bad, shoot at something in the middle.
  11. Harvard Sportsmen's Club

    Yes. People shoot the bar that holds the chains.
  12. Dracut police catch OUI with rifle

    Is that a Galil?
  13. If given the choice, Glock made in USA or Austria?

    I don't own Glocks because I don't like the grip angle but I'd prefer one made here. "Made in America" is old fashioned, but so am I.
  14. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Loaded a few rounds to try in the Marlin 357 magnum carbine. A 158 grain FB XTP and 14.5 grains of 2400. It's not a max. load but close. The Lyman 50th goes to 14.9.
  15. Ex-Gang Member From Chicago Claims The Govt Drops Crates Full Of Guns & Bullets In Black Hoods

    The point is not whether it's true. The point is it could be and that's very disturbing.
  16. Ok . One of these stupid NES polls. What is your next gun.

    Probably a Redhawk in 44 magnum. I've never owned a Ruger double action revolver
  17. Scope for .44 mag Henry rifle?

    My vision is also not what it used to be, but I really dislike the look of a scope on a lever action. Lately, I've been using a Skinner receiver sight. It works great and it's about the cost of a cheap scope.
  18. PSA To Make STG-44 Replicas In .556, .300 Blackout & 7.62x39

    I've read about a few Thompsons converted to 10mm but I guess it didn't work out too well cause I haven't heard anything more about it.
  19. Boston globe Mill article

    Unfortunately what Warm Garand said is exactly right.
  20. Geraldo Embarrasses Himself and Fox With What He Just Said About AR-15s

    I didn't know anyone still listened to that moron.
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