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  1. A New Fireams Shop on Cape Cod..The Outdoor Shop Inc. South Yarmouth MA. (a review)

    Finally stopped in and spoke with the owner Dan. Excellent customer service, and I never felt rushed. Purchase was quick and simple. Great shop with competitive prices, and in a great location. Will definitely be going back and recommend you check the shop out.
  2. Marines Set New Record with 22-Mile Shot

    Nice...what a way to reach out. I wonder if a recon unit called arty in or if coordinated by a drone?
  3. Bob's Gun & Archery Shop Webster, MA

    Another +1 for Bob's Very knowledgeable about what he's selling...picked up the Ruger sr1911 (WOW what an incredible gun at $699) [smile][smile] How do you conceal carry a 1911 through summer? I can't put this one down![laugh] Anyway I wanted to comment on Bob's integrity. If you are part of...
  4. S&W 15-22 or Ruger SR-22 Rifle?

    Keep in mind that the sr22 accepts all 10/22 mags. The firearm is nothing more than a 10/22...dressed up of course. Also keep in mind that the 15-22 is not limited to 10rd mags. Here in Mass WE are limited...
  5. Four Seasons Firearms, Woburn, MA

    +1 for excellent customer service. Even though they were busy, everything I asked for, or where it was they would leave the counter space and get it from the sales floor. Then offered to help carry it out. Great place with a great team. FS is at the top of my list for shops. Expect a well...
  6. WASR-10

    Four Seasons has them for $629. They come with 2 preban mags. FWIW, I've seen these for $599 with NO mags. That one baffled me...
  7. First pistol and hello, new to the forum.

    Welcom here myself. NES is invaluable to the sport here in mass. sr22 is perfect for getting range time in, and after spending some time shooting, you'll have a better idea as to what you want next. I have shot the sr22 and highly recommend it due to reliability, build quality, and...
  8. Youngest shooting memories

    I know its not Friday nite, but for those with kids that need to wake up at the crack of dawn... Shooting a .22 at 6 or 7 yrs old at pumpkins. Walking the woods hunting squirrels and rabbits. Getting my 1st 12g at Christmas. Good times and looking forward to doing much of the same with the...
  9. Ruler 10/22 td

    +1 for Bobs in Webster great guy to talk with and has excellent customer service. $315 for the 10/22 take down is a fair price...grab it.
  10. S&W 15-22 or Ruger SR-22 Rifle?

    Thanks for the input and pointing me to the other thread. After researching the two options, I decided to get a cammo m&p 15-22 [smile] The goal is to familiarize a newbie to the AR mechanics without the recoil, and take advantage of the cheap ammo! Checked one out today, it does feel like...
  11. Why are there so many Glock Haters?

    [rofl] Love my Glock!
  12. S&W 15-22 or Ruger SR-22 Rifle?

    Looking to get a good tactical trainer in .22lr. I've boiled it down to the S&W 15-22 or the Ruger SR-22 rifle. What would you get and why? What do you think the pros and cons are of each? Oh, and I can't buy both so that is not an option. Bummer!!!
  13. Undercover Arms - Hudson, MA

    I agree on the price and mechanics of the purchase, but it is always good to find a knowledgeable dealer to discuss general topics. Then again, I joined NES to do just that. [smile] Sent a friend there today and nothing but excellent things to say about the experience of the purchase. +1 for...
  14. Undercover Arms - Hudson, MA

    Went shopping...Undercover was one of the stops. Nice shop, plenty of selection that you don't typically find at other shops. Colt showcase was full, and plenty of selection on Ruger, S&W, and Sigs. I did overhear one of the owners tell a customer that they could not sell 2 handguns at once...
  15. what guns?

    Excellent start for a noob... I'd add that a 9mm is very cheap to shoot. So, that is a great all around and low recoil. Ruger is a solid brand and make excellent firearms. Cannot go wrong with a sr22 or the 10/22. Cheap ammo is always good and something with NO recoil will...
  16. American Firearms.... WTF!

    I will never do business with this guy, and will tell everyone I can to go elsewhere. This is the power of social media and the NES forums. Nice move American Firearms [laugh]
  17. Sorry to Walmart ammo buyers

    Ammo from spend more in gas driving around and checking inventory. [angry] Save your pennies, and buy in bulk. [smile] Remember it's $/rd that matters. $0.20/rd for 9mm, $0.24/rd for 5.56 and 7.62. Negotiate with the local gun shops. They want your business. Once you get a few...
  18. Bron Classic Firearms - Sturbridge, MA

    Stopped by this weekend. Owner was a great guy, a few of Mosin w/ Hex receivers, a couple saiga's, a nice LC9 Talo, and 3 Glock 22's for $420...good price. Oh ya, and plenty "classics." Shop is just off the Mass Pike on rt20. Worth checking out if you're passing through or in the area.
  19. New Ruger 10/22 Takedown

    Saw these at the Springfield gun show for ~$ for $306... Bobs Archery has one for $329 And Pullman arms just sold one for $320
  20. Springfield show this weekend

    So I'm not a show aficionado, but I did attend this show. Nice call for a rainy day, and the hall was not hot at all. Plenty of different gun shops in one place. Sure the $5 for parking and then $11/person was a bummer, but there were plenty of selection. Ruger SR22 $315 10/22 Takedown $300...
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