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  1. need help identifying a buckle

    i'm doing a gender swapped Dum Dum Dugan(the man in the photo)- he's one of the Howling Commandos and was in the first Captain America movie. instead of a mustache i will have long braids- but the rest of the costume is going to be essentially the same. i plan to have it complete for Boston...
  2. need help identifying a buckle

    i'll check that out, all i need are the buckles anyways- even if the buckles are the wrong color i can fix that! thanks for your help guys, you saved me a ton of stress
  3. need help identifying a buckle

    i might buy 3 of the newer ones and distress them.. i am trying to use as much reproduction stuff as i can since it feels wrong to destroy (or heavily alter) the actual things if i can spend a few extra bucks to get a fake
  4. need help identifying a buckle

    that was the problem i was having- typically i have great google-fu, but it failed me this time.. the only reason i have such good photos is i found this one at the militaria show today.. i had seen the one you posted before i went but it wasnt exactly what i need...i am trying to make a replica...
  5. need help identifying a buckle

    hey guys, i'm trying to identify this buckle- i need to find 2 more just like it and it's proving a difficult task since i don't know what to call it... the webbing belt this is on has NO markings to help me figure it out. buckle appears to be stamped out of sheet metal and painted OD green...
  6. A strange store on Hampton beach

    that tattoo isnt even centered.. it upsets me on many levels. girl needs to acknowledge that she's no longer able to fit into those shorts. ugh. ugh ugh.
  7. Tulsa Chipotle Kicks out MDA for Rude Behavior

    10/10 would buy burrito from
  8. New member with conundrum

    i've done that here at my shop. its not a big deal.
  9. UPDATE POST 39 Help!! I'm Jonesin' for P238

    i like mine a lot. i got the extended mag and a set of overmolded hogue grips and it is super comfy in the hand now. in my experience, it has no ammo issues other than magtech, but every other no-name brand and name brand works great.
  10. Accidental discharge consequences.........

    depends on the circumstances... where, when, etc etc
  11. Can gender effect LTC issue time?

    the BF and i took the class together, applied the same day and got our LTCs the same its not gender, but i've never been married so my name has always been the same.
  12. Springfield street violence: 'Don't blame the police when Pookie gets shot

    Pookie is what my mom and gramma called me when i was a little rot. mom still calls me pookie occasionally. i like the message, kinda sad that it needs to be said at all, though.
  13. Can you open carry in Mass?

    IMHO legal but not advisable.
  14. Shop local, shop small.

    yes, PLEASE give local shops your business! our jobs depend on it...
  15. Registration copy?

    i'm not sure, i have a login ID and password, which allows me to pull it back up after the fact. i have not done any FTF transfers myself (since i can just do stuff at work) so my knowledge in that area is limited. sorry
  16. Gun Violence report in the hands of DeLeo

    i like to think it will be similar to when you check your luggage and they ask you if it has been out of your control or if anyone has put anything into it. i dont know if this is what it will be, but i like to hope so.
  17. Gun Violence report in the hands of DeLeo

    i just said that exact thing. i'm trying to understand this as both a gun owner and a gun shop employee, and i feel like i'm gonna have an aneurysm.
  18. Registration copy?

    i've had an issue where the browser crashed before it printed when i was doing registration(i work at a gun shop). there is a way to go back in and get it, for example, if i registered something and the customer lost the paperwork, i would have to log in and retrieve it. it's not difficult, but...
  19. Off list and bad info

    obligatory "concealed means concealed"
  20. what license to purchase 30rd PreBan mags

    there was a thread about a week ago where somebody mentioned there are currently 776 class Bs in mass, i dont know the source of the info though
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