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  1. The show Glee shows how stupid Hollywood can be.

    The show also tried demoralizing the idea of armed teachers. The coach ended up taking the heat for the girl, saying that she keeps a gun at school for safety and it accidentally went off then fired again when it hit the ground. Do we really expect anything less from FOX though?
  2. Someone pointed a rifle at me today and pulled the trigger!

    This reminds me of an experience I had at the range not too long ago. My brother and I were approached by a member asking to check our membership, then begins to talk about firearms and what we were shooting. All well and good, until he pulls out his full size M&P to show us and begins pointing...
  3. New Acquisitions for March 2013

    Just picked up this awesome Mosin Nagant from B&K Sales in Natick. The bayonet and 40 rounds of surplus ammo top the cake.
  4. Shied 9mm magazine

    Had the exact same problem with my Shield mag. I carried it with 6 rounds for about 2 weeks. Then the spring loosened up and I crammed number 7 in. Getting the mag in the pistol was a little difficult for awhile, but everything is nice and worn in now. I've had my 9mm Shield for 4 months now.
  5. M

    No relation to Farnhams from Auburn. My family is pretty much from Sutton and Westborough.

    No relation to Farnhams from Auburn. My family is pretty much from Sutton and Westborough.
  6. Kill NRA Members?

    What is he going to kill us all with? A firearm? How ironic...
  7. CC at holiday gatherings?

    General question for all you guys and gals who carry. When you're going to someone else's home, whether for a family party or otherwise, do you bring your sidearm? I tend to not out of respect, but I suppose it depends on where the homeowner stands on the 2A. I understand the meaning of...
  8. The Gun Control Poll Mega Thread

    66% NO. Again glad to see this.
  9. The Gun Control Poll Mega Thread

    I'm glad to see it's almost 70% NO.
  10. What did you do to prep today?

    Found this bunch on eBay. $15 shipped. 7+ year shelf life.
  11. What did you do to prep today?

    Bought my first batch of heirloom seeds.
  12. ** WINNER: Speedway ** - KARMA: Go Green or Renew on me

    IN for a generous offer.
  13. My holster project

    Glad I got mine before the end. Thanks a lot!
  14. 9MM Shield at the range

    That is an 8.5x11 piece of paper by the way.
  15. 9MM Shield at the range

    I was finally able to put some range time into my Shield that I bought a month ago. This is my first handgun, but I have shot many handguns before. I started out at 50ft and after a few mags moved up to 25 ft. Out of all the rounds fired only a few missed. Most of the bulls eyes came from 25ft...
  16. FS has a 3 month wait on 9MM Shields

    I was able to find one in a week. Keep calling all the small shops. Zenks in Whitinsville had one sitting there, and the owner didn't even know what I was talking about at first. Just don't stop looking and call every day, because some shops aren't even making call lists because they sell...
  17. Show me your carry rigs

    9MM S&W Shield, in a G3 holster
  18. New Acquisitions for November

    9MM Shield & G3 holster
  19. Advice for a dad looking to CC.

    Got my holster in the mail today. And was able to carry for the first time. Took a trip to the grocery store.
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