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  1. Another Linsky special: H.2486 all approved safety courses include live-fire training MA

    One glaring problem with this bullshit... there are no exceptions. The assumption is that the owner will be using the gun for self defense, sporting uses, hunting. What about people who never even intend of actually shooting one? Folks own/possess firearms for reasons other than the above...
  2. Firefighters Rescue Teenager Locked In Gun Safe At Sporting Goods Store

    With glow in the dark lettering that says 'Pull In The Event of Stupidity'?
  3. Firefighters Rescue Teenager Locked In Gun Safe At Sporting Goods Store

    How difficult would it be just to write the combo with a grease pencil, crayon or affix a label somewhere on the outside of the safe? It's not like they're compromising security or anything.
  4. New Biden Gun Control Will Get House Vote!! HR8 & HR1446

    They'll be going after manufacturers soon enough once they repeal the PLCAA.
  5. Speechless - the worst Officer Involved Shooting I've ever seen.

    The scrote probably puts a notch on his grips after each shoot.
  6. Palladin Press Book Dump

    I forget if it was the Anarchist Cookbook or some other 'hold my beer and watch this' instruction manual, but it was how to make home brew nitroglycerin in an ice bath, and even they stressed how dangerous the procedure was if the temperature reached a certain level.
  7. Palladin Press Book Dump

    I used to buy stuff from them in my younger days through mail order. There were even some brick and mortar books stores that stocked some of their stuff. I don't recall when the fed sting operation rumors started. I first heard of it in the 2000's when the Internet was starting to take off.
  8. Palladin Press Book Dump

    Paladin Press link that's not as harsh on the eyes and easier to read They also have Loompanics publications too, although not nearly as extensive as Paladin Press
  9. Appeals court rules Boston cop had probable cause to stop and frisk teen carrying gun

    From a distance, cop thought teen at Mildred Hailey had a gun in her waistband; he was right and a court says the gun can be used as evidence against her A divided Massachusetts Appeals Court ruled Friday that a Boston police officer had probable cause to stop a teenager at the Mildred Hailey...
  10. Cambridge Police To Drop Camouflage Uniforms, Reduce Long Gun Inventory

    Interesting how they came up with some of the "replacement cycle" numbers... 10 years for the "sniper" rifles, 3 years for the BMW motorcycles. I get it that very few of those, or any other items with a listed replacement cycle are actually replaced in that time frame, just wondering how they...
  11. Parkland firearm prohibitionists to send "shame cards" to legislators

    To tell you the truth, I wouldn't mind collecting the entire set.
  12. Buffalo couple sues after armed bounty hunters raid the wrong home: reports

    'Bounty hunters' = alpha male a**h***s, former military or disgraced cops with no other marketable job skills other than being alpha male a**h***s.
  13. Has anyone actually got a call/visit from the ATF?

    Got a visit once when someone else gave my name and personal info to police for some criminal offense resulting in me becoming a PP suspect attempting to purchase a firearm. Happened a second time only this time they called me. Many years later when I renewed my C&R and I had to go down to my...
  14. Anyone know what made these tracks?

    Welcome friend and fellow firearms enthusiast. I take great pleasure in welcoming you to our great 2nd amendment themed site. It is here where you can share your knowledge of firearms, ammunition, training, survival, culinary, and general life skills. This site consists of people from all walks...
  15. Safety Question-

    I actually did think of doing that, but it's above my skill level[angry]
  16. AK-47 - The Movie!!

    Dohhh![angry] See what happens when you drunk post at 1:00 AM.[banana] I meant to post 'Yentl'. That's the same thing, right?
  17. AK-47 - The Movie!!

    I wonder if it would have been better if was made as a musical instead? Like 'Dr. Zhivago' or 'Fiddler on the Roof' only with Nazis, tanks and assault rifles.
  18. Wtf wareham pd

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but if it's the official Wareham PD FaceBook page, it's illegal for them to delete comments from the public.
  19. BREAKING: Brownells Acquires AR15.Com

    It's a firearms forum community Depending on what your first post is, it's like an initiation. Expect to get ribbed, teased and inside jokes ("You seem familiar"... "What was your previous username?"). The same thing takes place here ("Is that you, Martha?") Without a GD forum, both ARFCOM and...
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