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  1. DL & PRL terminology NH

    Long day at work, I'm medicated now. [wink] I got it.. Its been a while, WTF have i missed?? lol
  2. DL & PRL terminology NH

    My Bad, been a while forgot the rules of fight club... - - - Updated - - - Thank you for an helpful answer.
  3. DL & PRL terminology NH

    Like I said your a Douche Bag.
  4. DL & PRL terminology NH

    No, not human nature most of you guys are just Dbags in here. My skin is thick, but my questions where simple.
  5. DL & PRL terminology NH

    Ok so i ask if you need a license for full auto, none needed. Thanks. I didnt know you couldnt modify current fire arms, that would have been a easy answer instead of jumping at people... A lot of keyboard comandos on here, how quickly Im reminded every time I come on for a quick question.
  6. DL & PRL terminology NH

    awesome thanks! Now how do i make my ar FA or burst?
  7. DL & PRL terminology NH

    got ya thanks DL= Driver license PRL= pistol/revolver license and yes thought i might have been full Auto for a min. Ive bought quite a few gun FTF i know how it works thanks. But while Iam actually trying to learn something right now, do you need a permit for full auto and if so how do you get it?
  8. DL & PRL terminology NH

    i ask because of i was looking at this. I have a pistol permit..
  9. DL & PRL terminology NH

    I know it has something to do with a license for owning a full auto firearm. But i was wondering what the observations are and how do I go about obtaining one in NH. Thanks, Quinn
  10. Need advice replacing standard rifle foregrips on AR15

    What other upgrades do you guys recommend? I know its not a high quality rifle though.
  11. Need advice replacing standard rifle foregrips on AR15

    Thinking on going with a 14'' quad rail anyone have recommendations?
  12. Need advice replacing standard rifle foregrips on AR15

    Shaving down the front sight doesn't sound like a bad idea. It does have a fixed carry handle but I grabbed a stripped flat top upper to replace it.
  13. Need advice replacing standard rifle foregrips on AR15

    Thanks Guys, the muzzle break is threaded and its a 20'' barrel. The grips on it are about 12'' in length, so i assume I need at least a 12'' quad rail to cover up the original gas tube correct? Anyone have any recommendations for a rail? Coyote33, I probably just keep the grips and the sight...
  14. Need advice replacing standard rifle foregrips on AR15

    Hey guys, I am brand new to AR's, looking to replace the standard rifle foregrips on my Century Arms C15 sporter with a full length free float quad rail. I want to loose the A2 front sight which Ive learned is also the gas block. So what would you guys recommend for replacement options...
  15. More BS from [email protected] safe communities

    Just wanted to pass it on... Dear Friends of Safer Communities: Political analysis of the Senate’s failure to pass commonsense gun reform this week pointed to the "intensity gap” as a key factor. Right or wrong, lawmakers perceive gun violence prevention advocates as more passive, less...
  16. Safer NH planning to protest Kelly Ayote on Saturday.

    If you not working and in the area maybe we should have our own presence there for support. SATURDAY, APPRIL 20, 2013 | 12:00-1:00 PM Protest Vigil at Senator Kelly Ayotte’s Nashua Office 144 Main Street I Nashua, NH Sign up on Facebook: Dear...
  17. NH Rally Sat 4/13 1pm in front of Capitol in Concord

    I Plan to Stop by after the gun show.
  18. Another email received from [email protected] safer communities NH...

    I got another bogus email sent to me today... This is there page if anyone else wants to voice their opinion. [puke] "Dear NH Friends of Safer Communities – Thanks to your support, legislation to repeal New Hampshire’s pointless and unsafe “Stand Your Ground”...
  19. At children's hospital praying

    Great to hear the good report! That was a very well said, motivating post, you are a strong person. I am going to give my kids and extra kiss before I go to bed tonight, I don't know what I would do without them..... Stay strong!
  20. Police Torture Prisoner in MAINE

    Ya so ill just be a bitch and smile and wave goodbye to someone that just spit in my face, oh go slap my wife while your at it too.. If that's what you would do more power to you.. have a good time defending your posts all night.
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