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  1. Homeplate Taunton

    They are 3 minutes from my house, now that the bridge is open again I'll have to go there soon
  2. Now that's an arsenal - 300-gun arsenal seized from Long Island, NY, home

    I like stories like this. It reassures me that all in all I am pretty normal *S*
  3. NES is back

    Good to be back. I thought all this snow burried the server.
  4. Obama shotgun pic FAKED. Here is some evidence...

    I Don't think the picture is faked. I think the girl that makes these claims is way off base.
  5. Vietnam Vet Barred From Owning a Gun Because of a Teenage Misdemeanor 45 Years Ago

    He's not the only Vietnam Vet going through this. Even in this room.
  6. New People, PROFILES. Don't talk to the cops, talk to us!

    Well welcome aboard Roscoe, but keep your dog out of my darkroom *S* *G*
  7. New People, PROFILES. Don't talk to the cops, talk to us!

    a nickname, guns you like.... if you don't feel like you can share, don't, I really don't give a crap who you are, I'm not the Gestapo
  8. WTB ads really should include a price

    Tony I agree with you. If someone says they want to pay 400 for a Glock model 19 around here, you'd know he was looking for a first model at least. If somone offered 600 for a S&W, you'd know they were looking for a nicer condition gun for the money.
  9. Bought my first gun today! GP100

    Good luck. A GP100 was my first center fire revolver back in 1986. Still a great gun, one of my favorites. nHope you get as many years out of yours as I have gotten from mine.
  10. FNG Question - FA10 Form

    Unless you are a resident of NH you can't buy a rifle in NH without going through a dealer.
  11. Americans Arming Themselves With Coming Ban on Guns

    we don't need no stinkin' back up claims
  12. Changing combination on Stack On Elite Gun Safe - Mechanical dial

    I got a quote from a local locksmith to change my combination on my Stack on safe. He wanted $125 including travel to my home.
  13. Rosenthal on WBZ Nightside Tonight at 8PM

    Free Willie, Roger that, you can drop it right in front of me, up close.
  14. Rosenthal on WBZ Nightside Tonight at 8PM

    it's convinced THIS part of the audience to tune out and turn it off.
  15. Rosenthal on WBZ Nightside Tonight at 8PM

    Listening now. First caller your typical Bubba. The radio screeners look for people like this to make shooters look stupid. Let's see if anyone says anything intelligent on this show tonight.
  16. Great photos!

    I can't even look.
  17. Howie Carr talking Guns and licensing right now Fri at 5PM

    on WRKO Howie is talking about "chiefs discretion and the shooting in Colorado 680AM
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