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  1. New Office of Gun Safety Enforcement

    She has a super hard on for the white supremacy/insurgency angle the FBI has been warning everyone about. Pols like her are more afraid of armed civilians rising up than armed criminals because the armed criminals are only terrorizing the populace and not likely coming for statist politicians...
  2. Mass hunter found dead

    Yeah, that sounds familiar, was that the asian dude who was a columnist or reporter or something. If it's the one I am thinking of the family was found alive and he was the only one that passed away. It's a tough call, they say stay with the car, but after four days I don't blame him for...
  3. Mass hunter found dead

    I haven't read the story but I do know how easy it can be to get lost in an unfamiliar section of wood. I was hunting in NH with a friend of mine many years ago in some woods along Rt 106 in Laconia. I was not familiar with that section of woods and ended up getting turned around and damned...
  4. Happy Thanksgiving NES Family

    Oh, good call, I totally forgot about that!
  5. In your world is there any such thing as too cold to shoot???

    I have a long standing issue where my fingers can get painful and sluggish and lose feeling when cold. So I have to be careful to keep my hands warm when shooting in extremely cold weather.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving NES Family

    Happy Thanksgiving all!! Enjoyed my first Thanksgiving dinner in my new home in NH and am very thankful to be here!
  7. Escaped from MA....Question about temp driver's license and gun purchaces in NH

    I closed on my new home in NH on Tuesday, just as Mass voters elected Healey as Governor, approved new taxes in a state that had a revenue surplus the last year and voted to keep giving licenses to illegals. Got out of Mass just in time...
  8. SOLD Sold Please Delete

    Bump... This is the last call. Need to get rid of the remaining pieces. They are free if someone can pick them up before 11/7.
  9. Supreme Court - NYSRPA v. Bruen - Megathread

    Even Ginsburg acknowledged the framework around Roe was less than ideal and she would have preferred it was a bit more measured and based on a different constitutional angle. She has stated that the decision overreached and opened the door for the hard line anti-abortion movement to rally and...
  10. SOLD Sold Please Delete

    Bump, make an offer, couch and oversized chair have to go!!
  11. SOLD Sold Please Delete

  12. SOLD Sold Please Delete

  13. Non-ma**h*** flying out of Logan with long gun

    Two pieces of advice I would give is to make sure the only phone number the airline has is your cell phone number that you are carrying with you, and to arrive to the airport even extra early when flying with firearms. I had an incident once flying out of Logan with a pistol in a hard locked...
  14. SOLD Sold Please Delete

  15. What's the scoop on custom ear plugs?

    My wife played multiple sports growing up and through High School and had a history of several concussions over the years. A few years ago she got hit in the head again and started having ongoing issues with bright or flashing lights, and even some sounds causing her to feel dizzy or out of...
  16. How does someone contact admin

    I also hear if you successfully complete the "bang, keys, upper decker" you are immediately transported to the hall of admins.
  17. What's the scoop on custom ear plugs?

    I have two sets made by Steve from Ear Safety Systems. One set has a filter plug in it the other is just solid. He molded me right at a match at Pioneer Sportsmen in NH during a NH State IDPA Championship match. I liked them so much my wife had a set made up during a Mass State IDPA...
  18. New York is collapsing into a Human Hell Hole

    How long before someone builds a wall around NYC
  19. Supreme Court - NYSRPA v. Bruen - Megathread

    You should setup a monthly auto donation. That way you won't forget!
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